People do many things to escape the clutches of a bad date- some tell their date it's not going to work out, others escape out of the bathroom window and a few leave without saying anything. Mostly- singles like to tell white lies as to why they need to leave.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Half of Brits have left someone mid-date because they weren't attracted to them. We take a look at the reasons they gave the person at the other side of the table.

There was a 'family emergency' - In other words my family will hate you so I need to leave now before you insist on meeting them. Or worse they bump into me with you here.

A 'dodgy tummy' or diarrhoea - I would rather take a dump than be here- what does that tell you?!

An urgent problem at work - I would happily do overtime AND work weekends if it means not being here with you.

Forgetting to feed a pet - I would prefer to eat raw veggies with my rabbit than cooked ones with you. Seriously, my dog is a better listener than you.

Sudden headache/migraine - My mind is telling me no and my body…. my body is also telling me NO!

David Moore, spokesperson for commented:

"Bad dates are the worst; they're awkward, they make you feel bad and they are often hard to escape from. Climbing out of a restaurant window is definitely not how we all plan on spending our Friday night!"

He continued:

"I think people need to start speaking their mind more. If you are on a terrible date because there is no chemistry or the guy or girl you've met up with is a creep, just tell them the truth. Look them in the eye and say: I'm sorry this just isn't what I'm after, and then leave. It's that simple and it means you've freed up your night to be doing something you actually want to do. Life is too short."

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