The buildup to a date can be a daunting feeling, and for many, their first time on a date can go horribly wrong. We feel anxious, scared, excited and have the constant thought of “what do they think of me?” running through our heads.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

However, fear not! The team at My Friend Charlie have put together a list of mistakes that occur on a date without even realising, to help you be the best version of yourself on any upcoming dates you may have.

Re-capturing a former relationship

Understandably, bringing up past relationships is a topic that occurs frequently and many individuals are happy to speak about their past experiences. However, there is a line. You’re there to meet someone new, not to dwell on the past. Before we know it, it’s been 15 minutes and we’re still talking about our past relationships. Be precise and quick to the point when the topic arises, but move on swiftly. The date is about you and him, not you and your ex-partner.

Ticking off your resume

Of course, talking about yourself is always important, in order to let your personality shine through and allow someone to get to know you. However, remember to save things for the next occasion. Avoid the mistake of listing everything about yourself straight away, playing all your cards at once. Provide enough information to keep the conversations going but hold back on key areas in case there’s another opportunity further down the line. If you talk about yourself in relaxed manner, you’re sure to smash it!

Expecting it to turn into a relationship

Here’s what we mean. Going into a date with the mentality of it instantly turning into a relationship is wrong. These things take time and often several dates to really establish whether you’re right for each other. Have fun, learn about one another and make sure there’s chemistry flowing. This coupled with a few dates will be the key to it forming a relationship. Remember, there’s no rush.

Looking for the perfect scenery

Putting in effort to find the perfect place for a date is always going to be welcoming. However, on many occasions the dating environment chosen is a big mistake. Researching into restaurants, bars and activities are all great, but think about letting professionals handle this. For example, at My Friend Charlie, singles will pick a venue rather than a date. This allows you to mingle with others who were also interested in the venue or activity, instantly creating a connection.

Checking your phone

A fairly obvious mistake people make is constantly checking their phone. We live in a world where we can’t go five minutes without checking the latest tweets, snapchats or Instagram posts. Keep it in your bag and look at the end of the evening. You have the chance to meet someone who could become a huge part of your life. Don’t ruin this opportunity by constantly checking old news!

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