For women it’s a must to wear nice, matching underwear when going on a date in case they get lucky but it appears that men also have an underwear ritual when it comes to dates.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Six out of ten men have said that they have ‘lucky underwear’ which they will wear on a first date in the hope that it will go well.

It’s not just underwear that men make the effort with, other extremes included buying new clothes and a fifth of men would get a haircut.

Amazingly, 1 in 20 men would even go so far as to go on a diet to get in shape for a big date night!

A spokeswoman for online dating site,, which commissioned the survey, said, “A first date is very important for both men and women as first the impression really counts. Men are becoming as careful about their appearance and grooming as women have always been on dates.

“It could be the TOWIE effect; people are getting more used to seeing men looking after themselves, with fake tans and carefully coiffed hairstyles and good physiques. But even though they are putting more effort it to their looks, most men are still quite superstitious and have lucky pants which get dug out and worn on many a first date.”

Men may want to have put the lucky underwear to the back of their drawer by the third date though, as most men want sex by the third date.

It’s not all about looks though, sense of humour was a big plus point for men when dating and they rated it as the most important asset.

The spokeswoman said, “Some things never change, and the cliché about people looking for a potential partner with a good sense of humour is still true today. With the rise of the romcom and comedians becoming huge stars, a good sense of humour has never been more attractive, for men as well as women.”

Although women used to be much more attracted to older men, most of them would rather date a toy boy than someone ten years their senior.

Men, however, are much more keen and dating a woman who is of the same age as them.