Voucher Codes Pro has found that over two thirds of Britons can't remember the last time they went on a proper date and opt for a virtual one instead because they are too nervous.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

But it's ok- because many long-term couples can't remember their last date night either- here's how such nights go for couples who've been together for an age.

Date nights are wonderfully aspirational things- where you see yourself in a nice dress at a table with an impossibly white tablecloth, scintillating conversation and delicate food. The reality is you're both so tired you end up sitting on the couch in your onesies with pizza sauce down your front and a vague commitment to have sex if you don't feel too bloated from all the carbs at bedtime.

I'm here to tell the singletons that date nights are overrated- they cost too much and they take too much time to prepare for. You feel you have to buy a new outfit for every one and wear uncomfortable heels- only to strip off at the end of the night and scratch where your too tight bra has been wedged in your back fat four hours on end. You're not missing out on much- trust me.

You end up looking forward to a night in rather than out because you can wear your big pants, tie your hair up in a messy bun and watch copious amounts of TV without having to socialise with anyone but your SO. You've probably been together that long- you just need to give them a look and they know not to talk to you but keep quiet and focus on the screen. There's no pressure to come up with interesting things to say. It's like being single- but there's another scruff next to you with a craving for chocolate and crisps who wishes to fart at random without judgement just like you.

All couples end up like this- so why go through the ridiculous parade beforehand? Date nights don't need to be expensive or extravagant- they should be about the company- not what you do while you're together, which is why a snuggle on the couch and a DVD should be enough. Couples go through ups and downs and if you start out big- you're going to expect big all the way through your relationship and it's not always going to be this way.

Keep your date nights modest and relish in the little things so the more significant celebrations actually mean something rather than getting lost in the ether.

I'm not saying dating through technology is better than a face to face date, but the movies pitch dating in person to be something it's not. You don't need to spend a lot, dress the opposite of how you normally would or aim for a glitzy location- all you need is each other. So don't be shy or feel awkward- just bring your preconceived notions down a notch or two, make your date nights comfortable and easy and put those electronic barriers DOWN.

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