Some couples like to go shopping together but for many it is a bone of contention, mainly because one loves it and one hates it. But what happens if both partners despise the activity?

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Crowds- When you end up behind a Sunday shopper, people who are making their shopping into a social experience and take up the whole aisle or people who block your way with trolleys and baskets are the worst.

Long queues to pay- You want to go in- get what you want and leave- but it seems that everyone decides to pay for their stuff at the same time as you!

Not being able to find an item in your size- Which sparks a conversation between you both about going on a diet and taking up a new exercise regime together.

Shops being too hot- There's nothing worse than when you're stuck among other inconsiderate people and you're both a sweaty mess. At least people know you're together.

Queues for the changing rooms- One of you has to wait for the other at some point and neither of you is happy about it- but thankfully that's what mobile phones were made for- if there's reception.

Only having one of several tills open when it's busy- So you spend the entire time in line complaining to each other about how if you were the manager you would run things differently.

Not being able to find a member of staff- Why is it that when either of you need help there is a mass exodus of people who work there?

Not having anywhere to sit and rest- If you have to wait for your other half, the least you want is a seat- but it's sod's law that someone else is sitting there already or the shop doesn't sympathise with partners.

Staff who pounce on you as soon as you walk in the shop when you just want to browse- When you shop together it's fairly straight forward if everything is in your favour- but sales staff make you feel awkward and want to leave which doesn't help your plight.

Pushy sales staff- No we don't want a bar of chocolate for £1 or a store card-THANKYOU! You have found that if you both say 'no' at the same time it's more effective.

When the music is too loud- And you can't hear what each other is saying- it's the worst!

Not being able to find what you were looking for- You figure that knowing what you want will make things easier- but it doesn't- and you both get more and more wound up as you go into yet another shop to seek out your treasure.

Not being able to see how much something is clearly- When one of you finds something but you don't know if it's going to break the joint bank account.

Staff who aren't interested in helping you when you need it- You both suddenly turn into retail experts and mystery shoppers.

Cluttered sales rails that are impossible to browse easily- You don't want to spend a lot but it's always the way that the cheaper options have no organisation whatsoever and you both just give up.

Changing rooms which don't have any hooks- What is the actual point? Then one of you has to be a living, walking wardrobe.

Changing room curtains which don't close properly or are hanging off the rails- You like to save your underwear clad body for your partner but when the curtain shows you off to the rest of the world- your body is no longer exclusive to them.

People invading your personal space while queuing- You have perfected the block if you both stand side by side and touch shoulders.

Hot and stuffy changing rooms- You don't want to be in there but it's a matter of necessity if you don't want to return stuff. All you can think is 'can I dump this crap and just leave?'

Having to listen to bored children whinging-Which is the best contraceptive there is and in a weird way you're thankful for the reminder to take your pill.

Having to wait for each other- You both like to be in and out in a flash so when they get held up, you know that their blood is boiling in a changing room or a queue somewhere.

Not being able to find the pay desk/till- Again this gets in the way of your clear guidelines- nip in, pick up and nip out so by the time you do find a person to take your money- you are less than polite to them.

Having a limit on the number of items you can take into the changing rooms in one go- You really both want to get this out of the way in one sitting but those changing room rules make life harder for you and your partner who ends up being a pile of clothes.

Changing rooms which are too small- After you have found a single item that fits in the whole store- this doesn't help your self-esteem whatsoever and you leave crying.

Not being able to reach the top shelf or high rails properly- And your loved one goes from being your partner to your parent. Excellent.

You're bored and uninterested partner following behind you while you browse- You should both understand what the other is going through here- but there are times when you dislike shopping AND each other and it makes things ten times worse.

Paper bags which break when they get wet or if they have too much in there- You hate shopping, you hate shopping in the rain and it's like someone is laughing at you from above when your bag breaks.

Shops being too cold- Who wants to try stuff on in those conditions?!

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