Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

The recent findings from Bookatable also revealed that almost a fifth (18%) of couples only managing to go out on a date every six months. When couples do get together, dining out is a favourite dating activity; the majority of those who dine out together (78%) say they are happier in their relationship and less likely to separate.

In response to the findings, Bookatable is launching a nationwide campaign to encourage couples to embrace 'Date Night' and find quality time for each other, not just on Feb 14th.

The top Date Night tips below are from Andrea Haldane, Bookatable's Client Relations Manager and aim to encourage couples to make the most of their time together.

1. "I see many couples sat across from each other engrossed in their mobile phones rather than each other. Avoid the temptation to check messages by leaving devices in bags or jackets rather than next to your plate."

2. "Make each other the focus of your evening out by asking the Maître D' for a quiet table in the restaurant. This will mean you won't get distracted and miss out on anything your other half has to say."

3. "Many couples have their tried and tested favourite restaurants but trying a new restaurant or cuisine is a fun way to have a shared experience. Take turns in booking and one of you will always be surprised!"

4. "Chefs often showcase their favourite dishes on a restaurant's taster menu which makes it a great way to try something you may not have eaten before. Why not give it a go on Date Night?"

5. "Make Date Night about the two of you and arrange a babysitter for the evening - you'll know your little ones are in safe hands so you can dedicate your attention fully to each other."

6. "More and more couples are choosing to join us for drinks and desserts later in the evening. Why not take advantage of late night restaurant openings and round off your day with a late night treat on Date Night?"

7. "If you and your partner are guilty of ordering the same dish every time you go out for dinner, shake things up a little by ordering for each other!"

8. "For a special evening, why not recreate your first restaurant date? Booking ahead will mean you can request your table and ask if the venue can do something special, such as a personalised dessert"

9. "If you and your other half struggle to make time together, celebrate the occasion when you can and treat yourself to a special bottle of wine or bubbly to share."

10. "If you are lucky enough to have a regular Date Night with your other half, don't forget to surprise each other once in a while and plan something special. Whether that's treating yourself or booking somewhere you know they really want to go, it's the thought that counts."

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