Silentnight's sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan has inspired us here at Female First to come up with a list of sleep-orientated cures for a broken heart. In many cases- new singletons suffer from a lack of sleep which causes them to feel low. This can lead to depression, so a good night's sleep is a lot more important that you think.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Don't take your break up to bed with you

Before your head hits the pillow, instead of focusing on the negatives of being single- write down all the good that has happened in the day and the things you have to look forward to now you don't have to consider another person. This will reduce your stress levels and encourage you to sleep better.

Don't drink anything other than water

A cup of coffee or a glass of wine will only keep you awake and restless. It can take your body about 10 hours to rid itself of these drinks. Alcohol is thought to help you sleep, but in fact, it prevents a deep sleep and can heighten the amount of REM (rapid eye movement). This makes you feel physically tired and also gives you a foggy head the next day. If you don't feel up to your normal self- it might encourage you to dwell on all the bad stuff in your life right now, when really you need to focus on the good.

Get out

If you were one of those couples who was always on the couch- get up and get out- change your habits. If you do the same things you did when they were around- you will miss them more. If you start new habits- they are yours and yours alone. Exercise also helps reduce your adrenaline (stress) levels and helps you to sleep better.

Break up the pace during the day

If you try to distract yourself with work- you may end up overstimulating your nervous system- thus making you feel tired while your mind is on overdrive. Take regular breaks at work to move around, have a drink or eat something and most importantly break before bed.

Get off their Facebook

This is a sure fire way to torture yourself. It will encourage you to think of times with them and make you paranoid about new relationships. Not only this but it gives your working memory too much exercise and therefore you get an unsettled night's sleep. Avoid your tech for at least 90 minutes before you go to bed. Factor that into your new nightly activity and you'll find less time for tech and more time for you.

Go to bed before you're tired

Let yourself wind down before you go to sleep with a good book, a bath or some soothing music and you will soon remember all the benefits of sleeping alone. Your time is dictated by you now- and only you.

Make your bed a happy place

An empty bed can remind you of what you have lost- so reclaim your bedroom as your own and fill it with things you love now you don't have to compromise. Your favourite reading material, scents you love, change your sheets. Once you close your eyes- imagine a place that makes you happy- focus on the sounds and smells of that place and make it yours- exactly how you like it.

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