We’re working harder than ever for less money so something’s got to give and it seems as though love it taking the fall.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Date nights between couples are steadily on the decline, with over a third of British couples saying they will neglect date nights regularly.

The main reasons we’re finding it difficult to fit date night into our schedules is due to being busy as well as not having enough money.

But one of the main culprits was that our partners couldn’t be bothered, leaving a quarter of Brits wishing their partner would make more of an effort.

For the couples that do participate in date night, the majority will spend it at home rather than going out.

Interestingly, rather than getting steamy between the sheets, couples would rather enjoy good food together or cosy up on the sofa and watch TV.

But if someone dons a onesie then the date night off as wearing a onesie was voted as one of the biggest turn offs, alongside poor hygiene.

For women, their man falling asleep was their biggest annoyance, and for men it was when their woman was more interested in her phone and social media.

Ally Whitehead, Brand Manager for RC Cola who conducted the research, said, “Having just launched a nationwide competition to win the Ultimate Date Night in New York, we conducted this survey to gain an insight into British couples and the time they spend together.

“The findings have certainly identified some interesting tastes and behaviours, particularly the nation’s love for food and drink which of course we were pleased to see!

“As a brand with a rich American heritage, we have been aware of the date night concept for some time and we know how beneficial this quality time can be for couples -especially those that have young families and busy lives to work around.

“We can see from the research that there are certain barriers, such as cost and time, which are holding people back from the date nights they crave. However, there were others that simply struggled for inspiration on how to make their time together special.”

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