Planning the perfect date night is no mean feat, and the pressure can be on for singletons to find a potential beau and treat them to a date to remember.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Yet, what happens when participants haven’t met before, and a blind date goes disastrously wrong?

A new study¹ of 1,000 UK adults who have recently been on a blind date, conducted by the UK’s largest indoor go-karting company TeamSport, uncovered the top ten most hilarious and unusual blind date disaster stories.

When asked about their biggest blind date disaster, there were a number of comical and strange replies. The top 10 list includes:

‘A girl of 30 turned up with her mother and within 10 minutes, they were talking about marriage’

‘A much older woman than I expected turned up and her false teeth fell out!’

‘I arrived to find my blind date was in fact my sister’

‘My blind date ate leaves from the doorway and the contents of the ashtray on the table!’

‘We got caught by the police.’

‘He took me to a restaurant and when he saw the menu, he asked me to leave with him as the vegetables were 10p cheaper at a place down the road’

‘I met a girl in a local pub as arranged, and she brought her parents along with her’

‘I once went to the cinema with a blind date who had forgotten to switch their mobile phone off. During the film they received a phone call and instead of turning it off, they answered and started chatting away loudly. A few people began turning around and looking annoyed; in the end, I had to tell him to switch it off, it was obviously pretty awkward for the rest of the night’

‘My blind date was older, and she wouldn’t stop talking about how she wants children in the future. She had names for them, knew which school they would attend, which sports and activities they would do and how she would discipline them’

‘I was told on a blind date that her dog wouldn’t like me, and that was that’

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