As it's National Chai Day, there is no better time to celebrate the joys of tea, cakes and tiny sandwiches with your significant other, here's why...

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It keeps you both happy- There's such a selection, between you, you are bound to polish off the lot as there's generally something to suit you both.

It gives you time to talk- There's no pressure to rush an afternoon tea. Just sit back, eat your food as it comes and talk until your heart's content. Plus- the table layout means you have to sit opposite one another rather than side by side- which is always good for promoting conversation.

It fills in your afternoon- Many couples focus on evening dates- going out for a meal, to the cinema or a theatre trip. This gives you the opportunity to do something new at a different time of day.

It's prim and proper- Much better than shovelling down a greasy burger at the local take out joint. It actually makes you take your time and be more delicate with your food- which let's face it- is more attractive than looking across at your partner's tomato sauce covered chin.

You can dress up- If you fancy putting on something special you won't look out of place as many people still do dress up for such an outing. You both get to make an effort unlike at home when you generally eat on the couch in your pjs.

It's full of negotiation- You are entitled to half of everything- like a marriage but with cake- but you have to decide who gets what if there's things both of you don't like. 'I'll swap you my egg sandwich for your cream cake'- you get the idea. Exercises like this are a good test for couples. If you don't come out resentful that your partner ate more sweet things than you- you pass.

They take into account food intolerances- If one of you has a specific need when it comes to your food- if you do your research you can find places that do gluten free, lactose free, veggie or even vegan afternoon teas.

It's a treat- Afternoon teas can be pricey, so instead of spending your money on a slap up dinner- this could be your alternative if you tend to go out every week or month for a meal together.

You get to try new things- There's usually a good selection of teas to choose from but you might also be lucky and find a new sandwich you love or a cream cake you want to make at home together.

It doesn't leave you bloated at bed time- If you usually eat late and generally find that your little food baby puts you off having sex- this will solve that problem. You can eat a lighter evening meal and take dessert upstairs.

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