Cast aside the Great Pyramid of Giza, forget about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon! We have 7 new wonders the modern world that continue to blow our mind and make us ponder just what we would do without these gadgets anymore! Kia Motors found out just what things we feel life would be a sadder place without!

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

A Modern Woman’s Seven Wonders of the World

SatNav- We would be lost without it! Gone are the days of sellotaping an AA route planner map to the steering wheel!

Hair straighteners- For those who suffer from the humidity issue like Monica in Friends- these are little gems of hair heaven!

Facebook- How would we know if we were thinner, prettier, more successful than our ‘friends’ in life if we didn’t have this? How would we keep tabs on people?

Chocolate- For period cramps, bad days, break ups, stress, sadness- there is nothing this calorific treat can’t fit- except a diet maybe!

Contactless payment- Its blows my mind that with one swipe they know to take money from my account! It’s like something from the sci-fi channel!

Parking sensors- It like being in James Bond’s car (I wish!)- never again do I need to use my mirrors- except for applying make-up of course!

Cup of tea- For when you need to chat with your mates, wake yourself up, ponder over your life’s issues- a cup of tea is the key to finding the answer!