The Conservative party conference is being held from Sunday 7th October to Wednesday 10th October in Birmingham and a survey found that 34 per cent of their supporters would have an affair if the opportunity arose.

Lib Dem supporters came next with 21 per cent of them saying they would cheat, followed by Labour supporters with 16 per cent.

If your partner supports the Green party or the Scottish National Party then you’re not to worry as only 4 per cent of Green party supporters and 6 per cent of SNP supporters would consider having an affair.

James, a former political party employee and member of IllicitEncounters.com, the company who conducted the survey, said, “Conference is always a hot-bed of illicit behaviour, the combination of being away from home and late nights in the conference bars often leads to poor romantic decisions being made.”

Funnily, the research also showed that Nick Clegg was the politician most popular with the ladies, with 40 per cent of them saying they would have a fling with him if they could.

It was bad news for Ed Miliband as he was placed lower on the list than his own brother! Louise Mensch was onto a winner as, despite stepping down from politics, 60 per cent of men said they would like to have a fling with her.

It wasn’t a great result for Chancellor George Osbourne, as more women would rather have a fling with fictional character Darth Vader than with him.

Illicit Encounters spokesperson Rosie Freeman-Jones said, “Affairs within politics are hardly a new thing, with politicians from all parties falling foul over the years.

“But Candidates and activists should beware of conducting an affair at a party conference; the chances of getting caught after having a few too many drinks when your guard is down, or being seen leaving the wrong hotel room in the morning when all of their colleagues will be staying at the same location is very high.”

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