Flowers are the perfect gift

Flowers are the perfect gift

If that dream doesn’t come true and you end up with no cards you will sink further into a self depressed spiral of self doubt and think ’No one fancies me’ 

For the couples it means a nice meal out and money spent on gifts that aren’t necessary needed after celebrating birthdays, Christmas and anniversary’s together.

But where did it all originate from and how has it turned from being a small celebration of sending a handwritten love note into a card produced world wide event?

Historical sources say that there were two and maybe more St Valentines! The traditional line however is that the main St Valentine in question died around 270 AD.

Legend has it that Roman Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than married men and he therefore outlawed marriage.

So a priest called Valentine began to help lovelorn couples by secretly marrying them.

However when the authorities found out what he was up to, he was thrown into jail and sentenced to death.

Before his execution, some stories claim that Valentine himself fell in love with his jailer's daughter and wrote a final  note to her signed, "From Your Valentine": a phrase that has lasted through the centuries.

Believing or not believing the myth a bit like the not red Santa Clause, hand written notes became dominant in the 18th century providing couples with a canvas to express there love to one another on.

It wasn’t until Esther Howlandof from Worcester, Massachusetts and her father opened a book and stationary store that the Valentines card idea took flight.

Like they say in movies  the rest is history, as Valentine's Day developed into the commercial success that it is know as today.

However the digital era is  adding its on slant on things introducing  e-cards to the mix it up along with love coupons to spice things up

Love it or loath it there is no escaping Mr Valentine. Card shops will be flooded with them and no doubt you have a special person in mind that you are desperate to tell how you feel about them.

My advice go for it take the leap if they don’t feel the same way back its their loss and you can move on and spend your time liking someone who feels the same way about you.

What are you waiting for, take the plunge and bag yourself a Valentine's Day kiss.

Female First Natalie Broxton