Snoring Can Drive Couples Apart

Snoring Can Drive Couples Apart

You’re in your nice warm bed, all snuggled up, can feel the warmth of your partner next to you and you’re just about to drop off to sleep when BAM, your partner begins to snore and that’s it, you’re not getting any sleep tonight.

It sounds ridiculous but snoring really can drive you up the wall, and in some cases can drive couples apart. It’s thought that 15 million people in Britain snore and so that means that 15 million partners also suffer.

It’s a well-known fact that we fail to function when we’re sleep deprived and generally tend to be groggy and uncooperative throughout the day, possibly driving them to resent their partner for snoring.

There are ways you can prevent snoring, so that both you and your partner can have a peaceful night’s sleep.

The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association suggests many reason why one might snore. The first is obesity, so going on a weight loss plan could work wonders in getting rid of your snoring.

Smoking increases snoring, so giving up the cigarettes will help your health hugely as well as your snoring. Even the most simple act of sleeping on your back can increase the chance of you snoring, so maybe try sleeping in a different position?

Snoreeze say the most common reason people snore is due to the relaxed muscle tension in the back of the throat which can cause the throat to narrow. They also believe that the congestion of nasal passages can cause people to snore.

They have created Nasal Strips and Throat Spray (which are both available at that relaxes the soft tissue at the back of the throat and nose, relieving your snoring and allowing both you and your partner to sleep soundly.

So give these methods a go a see if they can work for you, failing that, buy your partner some earplugs pronto!

Keep in mind that if your snoring is excessive, it may be worth a trip to your local doctor as they can provide treatment, both surgical and non-surgical to help you.


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