Sufferers of snoring have no rest as old wives tales for treating the condition have resulted in nothing but dry mouths, sore necks and bad tastes, according to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association (BSSAA).

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Volunteers experimented with the unlikely remedies in the run up to National Stop Snoring Week (22 - 28 April) but the treatments, which included sewing a tennis ball into pyjamas, gargling with garlic, sleeping without pillows and rubbing the snorer's upper lip, proved to be of no benefit.

"As expected not one of the volunteers had stopped snoring," says Marianne Davey, Director of the BSSAA, "But our volunteers enjoyed trying them (or not, as some will testify!)"

There are 15 million snorers in the UK (11 million male and four million female) and the condition takes its toll on relationships.

Marianne says:

"We estimate that at least half the nation is disturbed by snoring. It most definitely is a serious matter in a relationship and can, and has been, the cause of relationship breakdown and divorce. We conducted some research a few years ago and found that about 70 per cent of couples regularly argue about snoring."

She adds:

"90 per cent of couples said that snoring was ruining their relationship."

With the news that toothpaste, tennis balls and pans of water will do nothing to ease the problem, Marianne explains that the only way to improve the situation is to seek professional help.

"The bad news is that snoring cannot be cured so once a snorer always a snorer. However, the best we can do is to control it...The key to resolving the problem is to first find the cause and then treat it with an appropriate remedy."

A test to determine the cause of snoring is available at

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