Snoring Damaging Relationships

Snoring Damaging Relationships

With summer on the way more couples are venturing outside to enjoy the weather together, but when they return home their lives are not always so sunny.

Three quarters of couples regularly spend the night in separate bedrooms because one or both of them snores.
A survey in April this year of 1616 repondents commissioned by British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association found that snoring is causing damage to relationships across the UK; 75% of UK couples are spending nights in separate rooms, causing embarrassment and distance between partners.

61% of them even think their sleeping arrangements are socially unacceptable, so wouldn’t talk about them openly.
Whilst a small proportion of couples were happy to sleep in separate rooms more than 80% said that they would sleep together in the marital bed if their snoring issues were resolved.
A staggering 16% of those surveyed had been sleeping separately for more than 10 years. If you or your partner is one of the UK’s 30 million affected by snoring, we have good news because snoring is treatable.

This week is National Stop Snoring Week, raising awareness of snoring and the treatments available. This year’s theme focuses on sleeping apart and whether it’s a good thing for couples.

Watch this video with Dr Rob Hicks talking about how to diagnose what kind of snorer you are and the different treatments available.