You can't see wood for the trees- How are you supposed to make your partner a slap up dinner or vice versa when you have to push past all the expired products to find some inspirational ingredients? The answer is you can't. Throw out everything that has passed its best and start afresh.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Think about your health- It's not good to have rotting food lying around the kitchen, so make sure that everything is in date and is organised or you might just end up eating something that makes you both sick.

A clean slate- If you're looking to eat healthier- get rid of all those sugar laden sauces and mouldy old blocks of cheese and make a list of healthy food to stock up with instead. If that's all you have to eat you will find ways to make it exciting because you have no choice.

You will waste less- If you are one of those couples who bins a lot of the food you buy because you purchase more than you actually need- then this will give you the chance to start afresh and only stock up on what you really need.

It will keep you organised- If your kitchen is disorganised this might spur you on to clean out the rest of your cupboards to take an inventory of what you have lying around already. It's about time you had some order in your lives!

You will save money- Knowing what you have and what you need will reduce your joint food bill because it's not a guessing game when you grocery shopping resulting in doubling up on stuff you already have.

It makes you both aware of what you're eating- It can be a real wake-up call when you see what lurks behind that fridge door. If you both take an interest in what you're putting in your bodies it will spur you on to eat better.

It's team work- If one of you has little interest in the food you buy and store; it might encourage them to sit up and take notice and have some input. If you always have the same seven meals each week they might be able to come up with some fresh ideas to mix things up a bit.

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