Celebration of Life Day is a day to honour our children. While parenting might not be a joyful experience all the time, it’s important to remember that your little one is a gift, even if they do drive you a little crazy sometimes! 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

By spending time with our kids, we are giving them the greatest gift of all- our undivided attention. So if you want to mark this occasion by doing something different with your child, here are a few suggestions: 

Read a book with your child: If you haven’t had the time to read with your little one lately, make some time today. Curl up with their favourite book and a snuggly blanket and immerse yourself in another world together for a few minutes. If your child is older, you could each select a book, read them at the same time in the same room and then talk about them afterwards. 

Do a puzzle together or play a board game: Small children love it when their parents get involved with the activity they are doing, so get down on the floor and make a puzzle with them. Or if you have an older child, open up a board game you’ve not played in a while and try not to get too competitive! 

Build something with your child: A den, a tent, something out of Lego, a website, a blog, a photo album, a DIY project. Whatever it is, build something from scratch and enjoy the sense of satisfaction once you’re done. 

Bake cookies and decorate them: Even little ones can help mix up the ingredients before they go in the oven and then give them the finishing touches once they have cooled. Plus you both get some treats once you’ve put in the hard work together. 

Make popcorn and watch a movie: Throw on something you’ve neer seen before or one of your family favourites. Just make sure phones are off and everyone is focused. For little ones you can swap popcorn for toddler friendly snacks and reduce the viewing time to fall in line with their attention span. 

Get out the art supplies and create something: Make a crown, draw the initials of your child’s name and ask them to decorate inside the lines, make a picture for grandparents or a card to send to someone who is not well. For older children, make a scrapbook of your favourite family memories or decorate a memory box for all the things you treasure. 

Plant something in the garden: Even at this time of year there are bulbs you can plant in preparation for the spring. Do your research and find something you can all plant together, then sit back and wait for little signs of them poking through the soil. 

Spend some time in nature: Whether your child is a baby or teenager, you can go out for a walk together. Spending time in the outdoors among other forms of life is one of the best ways to celebrate family and the precious time you have together. Fresh air, a change of scene and some exercise is a sure fire way to lift everyone’s spirits and bring you closer together. No distractions, no commitments, just each other. 

Happy Celebration of Life Day to all the parents out there!

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