You may not be able to go and see a show with your little one tonight as it might be past their bedtime or you fear how they might react to the loud noises- but there are plenty of ways you can celebrate. Here are our top suggestions…

Bonfire Night on Female First

Bonfire Night on Female First

Watch the fireworks from their bedroom window: If they are in the safety of their own familiar space and the noise is partially blocked out, they might enjoy seeing the pretty lights as they soar up into the night sky. Plus, lots of people set them off as soon as it goes dark so they will be able to see them before their bedtime.

Read them a Bonfire Night book: If you take a look on Amazon- there a plenty of books you could download for them to read as a bedtime story instead of your usual choice. They may not understand what you are reading to them, but it will set the scene nevertheless.

Have a party for little ones and their parents: If you know some other people who have babies and won’t be able to go and see the fireworks outdoors- why not host a little baby friendly party? You could have age appropriate nibbles for those who are weaning and traditional foods like jacket potatoes, marshmallows and hot dogs for the parents.

Treat your baby to a new outfit: There are lots of cute baby grows and sleepsuits online that are appropriately adorned with fireworks- so why not choose a piece that they can wear long after the bangs have subsided?

Invest in a themed baby night light: That rotates about their room and projects images of fireworks on to their ceiling- a much safer and more baby friendly way to celebrate the evening and many more thereafter.

Play some Bonfire Night music in the background: You could always stream some music that’s applicable to the evening into your home while you go about your usual activities with your baby- there a plenty of suggestions online. It might help to drown out some of the loud noises if they are a little unsure or frightened.

Happy Bonfire Night to all the babies and new parents out there!

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