Emma Wedgeworth, Paediatric Dermatologist is working with Huggies Wipes as she offers her top tips for new-born winter skincare

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

It's easy to forget that the skin is actually the largest organ in the body. Far from being an inanimate covering, it is a dynamic, highly specialised living structure. In babies, the skin is also more delicate and sensitive, so it's incredibly important that we think very carefully about what we put on babies' skin. Dermatologists now believe that how we treat infants and babies skin in the early years can impact on their skin health later on.

The general rule is to keep it simple. Babies don't need highly fragranced products or strong, harsh detergent washes. Water may be enough to cleanse them with, but if you do need an extra cleanser make sure it is a non-soap moisturiser (emollient) wash or something gentle like Huggies Pure Wipes which are kind to babies skin. Listen to your own babies' skin. No two children are the same. If your baby is prone to dry patches, treat these with a non-fragranced moisturiser, to try and prevent this from getting worse.

The winter months can be harsh on skin. Our colder climate and the heating can all dry out the skin even more. This makes it all the more important that we look after skin carefully. You may find that your baby needs more moisturising during the winter, so watch out for any dry patches. Again, very important to avoid cleansing products that will strip the skin of its natural moisture, because these will make dryness worse.

Top 10 tips for looking after babies' skin all year round:

  1. Keep it simple - less is more.
  2. Listen to your babies skin - some children don't need anything at all, some need quite a bit of skincare. Personalise their skin regime.
  3. Avoid soaps and shower gels in babies.
  4. Use unfragranced products.
  5. Look after the nappy area - change the nappy frequently and use a barrier cream if needed.
  6. Use cotton and natural fibres against the skin to avoid irritation.
  7. Make sure wipes are carefully chosen - a product like Huggies Pure without fragrance or harsh preservatives is ideal.
  8. Look after your babies' skin in the sun, but use unfragranced sunscreens.
  9. Don't ignore dry patches, get in early with an unfragranced moisturiser to stop it from getting worse.
  10. If you are struggling with your baby's skin, ask your health visitor or GP for advice.

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