Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Lully Bear 

Lully has been created by musician and mother, Jane Stewart, who has a background in music and show-business, and he is the only teddy bear to sing 23 live-recorded lullabies played on real instruments, providing an uninterrupted hour of calming music for quiet time, bedtime and relaxation.  Lully's playlist includes best loved classics like ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’, ‘You Are My Sunshine’, ‘Any Dream Will Do’ and ‘Over the Rainbow’ so he's a pleasure to listen to for all the family.



Yummirings are three stainless steel rings interlocked with brightly coloured silicone beads that provide multi-sensory play and are cool on those tiny teething gums. Safe for babies from birth, each is made of cutlery grade stainless-steel which means no nasty chemicals and can be popped in the dishwasher as often as you like. (Yummirings: £19.50)


A set of three stainless steel animal keys interlocked with bright silicone beads, these cooling accessories are perfect for the ‘obsessed with car keys’ stage, but without all the worry. Safe, hygienic and not the predecessor to a large motor bill if lost, these keys offer hours of fun and are perfect for newly emerging teeth. For mamas who want to cherish the memories of baby for a little bit longer, keys can be engraved with name and birthdate too. If and when you’re ready to let them go, they are easily recycled – no muss, no fuss. (Yummikeys: £22.50, with engraving: £30.50)

Peanuts and Cribstar 

London-based kidswear brand Cribstar has teamed up with Peanuts and created a very cool Snoopy collection that we absolutely love!  The unisex range includes baby rompers, sweatshirts, harem leggings and t-shirts in ages 3-6 months to 7-8 years, with a 'Kind of a Big Deal' sweater for mums too!  The range includes two themed collections - 'Space' and 'Super Hero' - with a limited edition Christmas sweater featuring a festive Snoopy with his best friend Woodstock.  Check out the full collection at 

aden + anais 

aden + anais, the brand known for their iconic swaddles, have created a new Snuggle Knit range, which is absolutely perfect for keeping babies aged 0-3m cosy this winter.  Made from supremely soft and stretchy fabric for ultimate comfort, the collection includes knotted gowns (perfect for stealth night-time changes!), hats, blankets, bandana bibs and comforters in a choice of three prints. Available from, prices range from £11.00 to £65.50 for a 4-piece gift set.


Babycup supports what parents, grandparents, and concerned caregivers all want for little ones - a healthy start and a happy smile! Babycup’s part in the healthy start jigsaw is to encourage healthy sipping from weaning onwards and promote good oral health.

So often, cups for little ones have seals or spouts, they can also be cumbersome and large for a little mouth, like you or I trying to drink from a bucket or having to have the suck of a vacuum cleaner to release the liquid. Not easy to use when you are wanting to get nippers being sippers and not designed with the child in mind. Leading experts recommend open cups as ‘best for baby’, Babycup First Cups make that do-able.

Babycup First Cups are intentionally cute, to encourage use. Seemingly simple, but made to carefully-considered dimensions, such as the circumference, height, and drinking edge, for sipping success. Made in Britain, BPA-free and 100% recyclable. They’re not shot glasses but it is the easiest way to talk about the size if you are trying to explain to someone just how mini they are!! Unlike shot glasses, they don’t smash and unlike various other receptacles (!) they are specifically made for littlies and have been safety tested for that very purpose.

Also for cup-feeding infants, Babycup First Cups are can be used to support establishing of breast-feeding and to help with feeding challenges such as tongue tie or latch issues.

Babycup First Cups – pack of 4 - £6.99

Tidy Tot

The new Tidy Tot Cover & Catch Bib is cleverly designed with both baby and parents in mind – very rarely does one bib cater for both so perfectly. Not only does it give baby the freedom to explore food freely during weaning by letting them get immersed in their exploration and keeping food in easy reach, it also makes parents lives a lot easier by speeding up the clean-up operation afterwards.

Weaning should be messy and fun, focused on play, discovery and exploration of new foods and flavours and parents today need a bib that does it all like the Cover & Catch. This latest bib from Tidy Tot, known for their integrity of design and quality with their other bib products, guarantees protection from mess and spills, aids the important skill of self-feeding for baby and is convenient and compact to be packed away after use in its handy zipped pouch. Clean up time is minimised as parents today just don't have the time to be on their hands and knees on the floor, scrubbing highchairs and washing clothes endlessly. Their expectations for a bib are high and we believe we've met them with this do-it-all design.

Cover & Catch bib – single £15, twin pack £25

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