If you are about to become a parent or are brand new to the job- you will know that buying clothes can be a tricky business so here are my top tips for getting the most from your baby’s wardrobe.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Avoid novelty clothing: I thought it would be fun to dress my daughter in a Friends sleepsuit because I’M a fan (note she’s not). I took one picture, she slept in it once, I washed it and it has fallen to pieces. What have I learned? Novelty outfits are made cheaply and don’t last- so don’t waste your money and spend it on items that will tolerate multiple washes.

Invest in reversible clothes: Some brands make clothes that can be worn two ways. I have a pair of dungarees, a coat and vest for my daughter that are plain on one side and pattered on the other meaning you have two outfits for the price of one.

Don’t buy more than you need: Although many mums will tell you that you can’t have enough sleepsuits and vests… you can. As a mum when you are not feeding, changing or rocking your baby to sleep- you are doing washing. It’s a given. The rate at which you wash and dry stuff means you only need a few so don’t go overboard.

Choose all in one outfits: Although baby boys look cute in a shirt and pants and baby girls in dresses or skirts, they always ride up when you pick up your baby. These are more suited to when they are toddling. Spend your money on more practical things like vests and sleepsuits now and you can dress them in separates till your heart’s content when they can stand on their own two feet.

Quality: Babies grow so fast, however, better to invest in pieces that will last so you can pass them on to other mums and dads. If you buy cheap, they will wear out meaning you can’t donate them, and they will end up in the bin and inevitably landfill. Buy less but spend a little more and the pieces can be donated to other parents who need them once your baby has grown out of them.

Invest in pieces that can grow with them: If you buy something- always think of longevity. If you have to roll up the sleeves and the ankles on outfits now- you can turn them down as they get bigger and you won’t have to buy new. There is nothing wrong with a little growing room.

Forget the shoes: Shoes in tiny sizes are undeniably cute but babies don’t need them. They can’t walk so they have no practical use- they are purely for aesthetics. Save your money for when they need shoes or spend it on something that they need now. Most sleepsuits come with built in socks anyway so your baby’s feet will stay warm.

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