My Expert Midwife is a new brand that has been created by practising midwife and baby massage specialist Lesley Gilchrist and Clare Charlton. They have launched a Trio of Sprays, one for each Trimester. They are a unique range, with wonderful oils which have been chosen specifically aimed to combat the three classic symptoms experienced by women in pregnancy. If you are unsure what these are- Lesley has kindly shared what to expect from each stage. 

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

First trimester

There are many hormonal changes taking place during pregnancy which we can all have different reactions to. Whilst not every woman feels nauseous during their pregnancy, up to a whopping 80% of us will experience ‘morning sickness’, usually during the first trimester but it can continue throughout. These feelings can also strike at any time of the day or night, without warning or with triggers such as sudden aversions to smells like coffee, alcohol or fridges!

Most women won’t need to seek medical help, but up to 30% of women will need time off work during pregnancy for sickness related reasons, therefore anything that can ease these symptoms can be of great help. Peppermint, lemon and grapefruit essential oils are all known to have calming, anti-nausea properties which can take the edge off feelings of sickness and nausea.

Second trimester

Energy levels in pregnancy can be extremely variable from person to person. Hormone levels play a part in how energised or tired we feel at times. When tiredness strikes during pregnancy it can often be quite dramatic and you may go from being quite active during your everyday life, to needing to rest and sleep much more than usual.

Exercising can be the key to energy levels and maintaining good health during pregnancy. It can help you to prevent and control gestational diabetes, promote abdominal core strength for later pregnancy, labour and postnatal recovery, as well as improve mood and mental health. Fortunately, for most women, feelings of sickness and nausea diminish as you move into the second trimester (around 14-16 weeks) but feelings of tiredness may persist.

Using uplifting essential oils such as neroli and grapefruit can help you to regain motivation levels during times when pregnancy makes you feel tired and lethargic.

Third trimester

Every midwife will have heard pregnant women complain of tiredness and difficulties sleeping during pregnancy. There are many causes of sleep disturbance during pregnancy, which can begin as early as the 1st trimester, but which are more common during the third trimester; nausea, needing to pass urine frequently, heartburn, anxiety, restless legs. Trying a few simple adjustments maybe all you need to do to reclaim your sleeping pattern.

  • Having a regular bedtime routine, whilst sounding obvious, can be something that needs effort to achieve. Try setting time limits for getting into bed to wind down. Don’t use TVs or radios in the bedroom area and try not to use your phone for a couple of hours beforehand. Use low lighting or change lightbulbs for lower wattage ones.
  • Have a relaxing bath with your favourite essential oils or try specific sleep enhancing and relaxation ones such as frankincense or geranium.
  • Hypnobirthing can work a treat for helping to relax your mind as well as help you to prepare for the birth of your baby. Women and partners often report falling into a deep sleep whilst listening to hypnobirthing tracks.

*All 3 ailments can be experienced throughout all 3 trimesters. Some women may feel all these symptoms, others just some.

** It is important to check that the essential oils you choose are safe to use whilst pregnant and blended to the right concentration levels to use in pregnancy.

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