Contrary to popular belief and despite what adverts tell you- you don’t NEED a bag that is specifically designed for babies. Any bag will do so long as it’s big enough and has plenty of pockets to hold all of the following things…

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Nappies: The clue is in the name- ‘changing bag’. Chances are wherever you venture to, your baby will need changing, even on short trips you can’t risk leaving without nappies- so always pack a few and you are equipped for anything from light soling to full on poonamis.

Wipes: You will need these for your baby’s bottom when changing them but they come in useful for a whole host of other things like wiping your baby’s face and sleepsuit if they get milk down themselves, to keep little hands clean and for cleaning up around you as babies like to project their bodily fluids. 

Bottles: The day you forget your sterilised bottles is a BAD day. Trust me, it’s not easy to sterilise a bottle while you’re away from home so make sure these are one of the first things you pack or you will have to turn around and go back for them.  

Milk: Many baby brands do a nifty compartmentalised box to put formula in. All you need to do is measure it out first and you will have the exact amount you need to add to the bottle. 

Flask: I would strongly recommend buying one that has a lid big enough to submerge your bottle in to cool it down once you’ve covered the formula in boiling water.  Not everywhere you go will be ready and waiting with a jug of iced water to drop your bottle into while it cools so be prepared. 

Teething gel: If your little one’s teeth are coming through they will probably be in some discomfort, and having a tube of gel to calm down that ache will help to soothe them if they are particularly vocal about their pain.  

Dummies and teething rings: If your baby will take them- it’s always handy to have both of these in tow so you can calm your baby down- they can act as a comfort as well as a reducing mouth pain. 

Spare clothing: Whether it’s from exit point north or south- you can guarantee that your baby will need a full change at some point when you are out, so it’s always safer to take an entire change of clothes with you so they aren’t stinky for the rest of the day.  

Hand sanitizer: Not all baby changing areas are up to the standard you’d like them to be. I have changed my baby on many a bathroom floor when there has been no changing table or mat. Hand sanitizer will give you peace of mind that you are clean after changing your baby in some questionable places. 

Changing mat: You can get foldable mats that will fit in a your bag with ease, so if you do find yourself having to change your baby somewhere that doesn’t cater for little ones or in your car for example, you can place them on this to protect their head and keep any mess within the confines of the mat. 

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