It’s that time of year again and in December the pressure is on to fill it with memories- but what can you do with a baby at this time of year? You could check a couple of things off this list- stick to it rigidly or move activities around as you wish but here are our top suggestions to give you some inspiration…

Christmas on Female First

Christmas on Female First

1: Write your Christmas cards: This is an activity you can do while your baby naps. As soon as they go down- get out your stash and a pen and start writing!

2: Go Christmas shopping: Whether this is for gifts, decorations or for food, your baby will enjoy the Christmas lights and colourful things that line the shelves at Christmastime.

3: Go for a festive coffee and a mince pie: Your baby won’t be able to enjoy the food and drink but you will benefit from the rest while giving your baby their bottle- and why not do it while Christmas excitement and anticipation is in the air?

4: Put up your decorations: Your baby might not be much help with this activity- but they will certainly show an interest in all the sparkly new things that they haven’t seen before being put about the room.

5: Go to a Christmas Market: Preferably when it’s not peak time like on a weekend so you can both enjoy going around the stalls in the peace and quiet.

6: Milestone cards: Make sure you have some of these in the house for the key points around Christmas if this is your baby’s first and take photos for every one!

7: Go to a Christmas themed play group: If you don’t frequent a play group- have a look around- there is bound to be one in your area that will run a festive group on the last meeting before the children break up. Santa might even be there!

8: Put on some Christmas music: And go for a drive with your little one or play it in your home and rock your baby to sleep with something more soothing or have it on in the background while you have tummy time.

9: Play dress up: There are so many cute costumes out there for babies so you could order one to your home and take lots of pictures of your baby in it. Perhaps it will be good enough for next year’s Christmas card?

10: Go for a professional Christmas photo shoot: If you look around you can find some budget friendly options where the photographer will take festive snaps of your baby to adorn your home for the coming years.

11: Dress your baby’s cot in Christmas themed bedding: Depending on how old they are- you could seek out a festive bumper, blanket or mobile so your baby knows that something special is on its way!

12: Visit Santa: So many shopping malls will have a resident Santa this year- so why not take your baby along to have a cuddle with the man in the big red suit?

13: Go to a Christmas Fayre: If you join local Facebook groups and keep an eye out for flyers- there is bound to be a fayre in your area. These are often not too big- so just enough time to get around before your baby needs a feed or a change.

14: Start a Christmas photo album: You may wish to take a photo of your baby every day in the lead up to Christmas or perhaps you want to save it until the big day if it’s their first one- just make sure it’s ready to receive pictures of your baby dressed up as an elf!

15: Get a personalised decoration made: There are stalls popping up all over the place that offer a personalised service on tree decorations. Find where your nearest one is and take your baby to get a decoration with their name on so they can place it on your tree every year thereafter.

16: Go for a Christmas walk: Wrap your baby up warm and take them for a walk around your local town/city/village to admire all the lights twinkling in the windows of your neighbours.

17: Go to a garden centre: Garden centres are renowned for decking their halls with Christmas fare in December, take your little one along so they can enjoy looking at all the twinkly lights and listening to the jolly music.

18: Santa Express: They may not be able to partake in the sherry and the mince pie, but a ride or a train is very exciting for a baby who’s probably never been on one before.

19: Frame your favourite Christmas picture of your baby: Perhaps you took a picture you love last Christmas. If one stands out and you want to look at it every year from now on- print it off an get it framed.

20: Wrap presents: There is nothing babies love more than scrunching wrapping paper, so why not give them some to play with while you wrap your gifts next to them?

21: Post your Christmas cards: Throw the cards in the bottom of the pram and take your baby on a walk to a post box that is a little further away than your usual stop so you can get a good walk in while running this important errand.

22: Read a Christmas book: They may not understand what you are reading to them- but they will be entertained by the voices you put on and the pictures all the same.

23: Watch a Christmas movie/show: If you want to stay in one day but still keep the Christmas spirit alive in your home, throw on a festive movie or TV show and snuggle up with your baba under a blanket.

24: Prep your baby’s Christmas dinner: If your baby is at the weaning stage- make sure they have a Christmas dinner just like you. Brands like Ella’s Kitchen make Christmas dinner pouches, so babies don’t miss out while you’re tucking into the turkey. If your baby is still on the bottle- make sure they have a Christmassy bottle at hand to give them their milk in.

25: Merry Christmas to you and your baby!

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