Women often feel like they lose themselves for a while after they give birth. Their bodies change (a little or a lot), their identity alters, and their lifestyle has to adapt to a whole new person. But in the muddle of all this upheaval- your baby can do wonders for your self-esteem too, here’s why…

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

They love you unconditionally: Even if you are in a cranky mood from lack of sleep or a bit smelly from a lack of showering- they love you all the same. When they look into your eyes- that’s love in its purest form and it’s one hell of an ego boost.

You are their world: The other folks in your life have a number of people they can call upon- they don’t just need you- but your baby does. To them you are their everything and it is a powerful feeling to know that there is a unique bond between mother and baby. You create your own little bubble and it’s very special indeed.

They rock PJ days: And make you feel like you can too. If they are totally fine with being in a onesie all day- then why shouldn’t you? If you were once self-conscious about being in your night-time attire in the afternoon you certainly aren’t now.

They can pull off bed hair too: And there’s nothing stopping you so rejoice- this is how you roll in the house right now- just have confidence in your new look and forget the rules of before.

They miss you when you are not around: Sure, it can be overwhelming to take a mini you everywhere you go- but it is comforting at the same time that your baby feels safest only when they can see and hear you. You know you are needed and that is a lovely feeling.

They love your snuggly bits: If you have some excess tummy left from your pregnancy- they don’t care- in fact they embrace it as it feels wonderfully soft and cuddly to sleep on. That was their house for nine months (give or take) so learn to love it too because it did a bang-up job at keeping them safe until they were ready to come out.

They are a constant reminder of how amazing your body is: Whatever your relationship with your body is or was- you can’t deny that is has done something incredible. It has grown and given birth to a baby- and you should feel like a rock star every time you look at your baba and yourself.

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