As soon as you put the out of office on at work to say you won’t be there for the next nine months- you might want to think about the things you can do to fill in your time before the baby comes. Here are some suggestions…

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First


You have no doubt bought, been gifted or donated some baby clothes like sleepsuits, vests and bibs- so make sure they are all washed in baby friendly washing powder and put everything away in their wardrobe or what you need in your hospital bag. If your baby comes early the last thing you need to worry about is laundry.


Babies come with a lot of stuff- so take the opportunity to purge anything that no longer serves a purpose in your home to make space for the growing number of things that you will need to feed, clothe and entertain your little bundle of joy. Take each room one by one and either sell, donate or bin the stuff that is cluttering up your home- trust me- you will feel much better once you do.


You won’t have time for anything other than a squirt of bleach down the toilet and a quick wipe of your kitchen surfaces once you have a baby to look after so try and do a deep clean before your contractions start. If you don’t feel up to it- ask for help from a friend, partner or family member. Like it or not your nesting instinct will kick in and you will want the place to be spotless.

‘Me’ time

Make a list of things you enjoy doing- it’s highly likely that these will be put on hold for a while so if you love to read- bury your nose in a few books, if you enjoy watching boxsets- have your fill- if your passion is for writing- make time to get as much down on paper as possible.

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Enjoy some time with your friends

There isn’t as much opportunity to see your friends once you become a parent, so try and put a few dates in the diary for meals out, afternoon teas, shopping trips and coffee shop visits.

Pamper yourself

You won’t think to paint your nails or get your hair cut once you have another human being to consider, so try and book in a few treatments for yourself between finishing work and starting life out as a mother. Get that manicure, go and get your hair cut into a new style or have your eyebrows waxed.

Make the most of your partner

You probably won’t think to make time for each other while you are getting to grips with being a parent so make sure before your baby comes into the world- you maximise every opportunity to be a couple.

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