Launched in 2013 Natural Birthing Company was founded by experienced midwife Jane Mason. Jane noticed a gap in the market for pregnancy products that treated real issues childbirth can bring, such as torn or swollen perineal, sore nipples, stretchmarks and lack of sleep. Her vision was to make NBC accessible to the consumer.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

NBC’s range of vegan, naturally derived, holistic ailments for pre, post pregnancy problems (and everything in between) have formed an essential part of daily wellbeing for expectant mums to be. Here we explain how 7 products can help you through the early stages of motherhood.

Stretch Mark Oils and Creams 

Stretch Marks are the most common body issue pregnancy can bring. Experienced midwife and founder of NBC Jane Mason recommends using a spray, oil or cream from early stages of pregnancy to avoid stretch marks.

Perineal Massage Oil 

Did you know that a perineal massage from 34 weeks of pregnancy can reduce the risk of needing a cut in labour or badly tearing? Use a perineal massage oil as part of a daily wellness routine from early stages of pregnancy to help you keep your delicate area stronger and more prepared for childbirth.

Pillow Mist 

Who has ever suffered from insomnia during pregnancy? From your bump getting in the way, brain ticking over about all the things you need to get ready for when your baby arrives to just feeling uncomfortable and restless, Pillow mists contain aromas that will help you feel relaxed in both body and mind. 

Compress Solution

Discomfort after birth is far more common than you might think; 85% of women will experience some form of trauma to their intimate area as a result of giving birth. This tenderness not only affects how you get comfortably to feed your baby but can also leave you feeling pretty miserable too. Compress solutions can aid a swollen perineum, tears, grazes, wounds, bruising and hemorrhoids. 

Body Spritz 

Body spritz is the perfect product for labour; cooling and calming you whenever you need it and giving you that bit of “oomph” if you feel like you’re flagging. The perfect quick pick-me-up spritz helps treat sickness, headaches, restless legs, stress and swollen ankles. 

Massage Oil 

Research shows that a massage during labour can reduce the length of labour. Now that is something worth a try! 

Body Wash for Delicate Noses

Sometimes pregnancy hormones can leave you feeling a bit queasy and fragile. The slightest smell can often send you straight to the bathroom. Spearmint washes can help calm and stabilise nausea. 

NBC products are Made in the UK, Formulated with high natural quality ingredients , 100% Vegan and Never tested on animals

Natural Birthing Company Vegan Product Line consists of:

Natural Birthing Company Bottoms Up - £9.99, Natural Birthing Company Down Below - £15.99, Natural Birthing Company Cool It Mama - £8.99, Natural Birthing Company Relax & Breathe - £9.99, Natural Birthing Company Sleepy Mama - £8.99, Natural Birthing Company, Best Washes - £6.99, Natural Birthing Company Bump Envy - £10.99, Natural Birthing Company Pure Bliss - £16.99, Natural Birthing Company Bosom Buddies - £15.99, Natural Birthing Company Birthing Essentials - £20.00

Natural Birthing Company Maternity Kit - £49.99

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