Love Boo co-founder Jennifer Cawthron has shared her top reasons to indulge in some 'me-time' before your little one arrives.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Because you can!

Mums of toddlers often can’t go to the loo without a small person in tow, never mind a spa, so now’s the time to revel in some ‘me time’. Luxuriate in the bath, book that pedicure and enjoy trashy mags in the hairdressers – right now it’s all about you.

Your skin is working hard

Pregnancy can unleash a whole host of changes on your skin – often the most noticeable are stretchmarks as your skin stretches to accommodate your bump. Regular massages with your a natural oil not only helps soothe the itchy uncomfortable feeling, but relaxes you too.

It’s good for both of you

Nobody wants to listen to doom monger saying ‘get sleep while you can, you’ll need it!’ but a good night’s sleep and plenty of rest really does work wonders for your mental health and supports a healthy pregnancy, so don’t feel guilty about putting your pjs on early and lazing on the sofa – it’s working wonders.

It makes your partner feel useful

Ask for a lower back, head or foot massage from your partner – there are tons of vids online with easy techniques. Double win: it’s not only super pampering for you, it makes your partner feel like they’re doing something too.

It releases endorphins

OK, so you may not see exercise as pampering, but you don’t have to be sweating it out at the gym to be active. A relaxing swim or an outdoor stroll will release endorphins and lift your mood, helping you to relax, sleep well and feel pampered

There’s a whole new category of pampering to explore

Babymoons are actually a thing! Going to a fancy hotel and having your every pampering whim catered for with specially designed products is a great idea – why not ask for friends to club together and treat you instead of having a baby shower.

Create a pregnancy spa at home

There are plenty of products specifically designed for pregnancy and by choosing those, you know they’re completely safe. As a general rule, avoid sulphates and parabens and check out the smell first. Your senses are heightened during pregnancy and sometimes the things you loved previously can make your stomach turn. A good excuse for a shopping trip if you ever needed one!

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