If there’s a new baby in your life- you might not want to buy them something generic for their first Christmas but something that they can treasure forever. Here are just a few ideas if you’re struggling…

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

A Christmas outfit or hat: That reads- ‘Baby’s First Christmas’- perfect for photo opportunities (possibly for next year’s Christmas card) and their parents are bound to keep this one so they can remember all the memories that were made at this special time.

A Baby’s First Christmas Photo Album: It’s inevitable that there will be a lot of photos taken on a baby’s first Christmas- so this is a great way to store all of those moments in once place to look back on every year after.

A Baby’s First Christmas Bauble: This is another keepsake that can be brought out year after year to take pride of place on the tree. Better to have a Christmas tree full of special baubles to mark the key moments in a family’s life than to have a colour coordinated tree that has no meaning.

A Baby’s First Christmas Book: You can even get these personalised with the new baby’s name on the cover. Some book companies personalise the entire book for you too. It all depends how much you want to spend.

Baby’s First Christmas Milestone Cards: It can be easy to forget which moments should be photographed and logged when you are experiencing the madness of Christmas with a new baby. These cards will help you to remember when to get the camera out and when to note down any other firsts.

A personalised Santa Sack: if you opt for just their name rather than ‘Baby’s First Christmas’- their parents can use this every year to pop their presents in rather than buying new gift bags every time. A thoughtful and money saving gift.

A Snow Globe: This is another signature item that can be brought out year after year and admired by the family and any guests they might have over during the festive period.

Happy Christmas to all the new parents and babies out there! 

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