Edible eyeball anyone? Or how about a cheesy witch’s finger? Or perhaps a nibble from a spooky skeleton platter?

Whilst Trick or Treating is a highlight of the year for scores of mini (and not so mini) trick or treaters, the eternal issue is how to avoid the endless sugary sweets and cakes that lurk and tempt at this time of year.

Organix might have the answer, with their range of ghoulishly good recipes for the whole family. They’re also fun to make, designed to be showstoppers at any Halloween party, and they’re healthy too! 

This fiendishly good Halloween platter, contains Edible eyeballs that are not only easy to make, but they’re tasty too, and make a bold statement to any Halloween platter. Simply halve the cherry tomatoes and scoop out the seeds, fill the cream cheese into the tomatoes, add the peas to the centre of the cream cheese to make the pupil of the eyeball and hey presto!

For the apple bites fill a bowl with some water and mix the lemon juice in the water. Cut the apple into 5 or 6 wedges and remove the core and seeds. Work on one piece of apple at a time and carve a zigzag shape to the skin side, so that it looks like teeth

As for the the witches cheese fingers, cut the cheddar cheese into finger strips, trim the cheese strip into a ghoulish finger shape and draw the knuckle lines with the end of a spoon. Place a nail shaped piece of pepper on the end of each fingertip. Spellbindingly tasty!

Free from refined sugar, these Organix Sweet Halloween Pumpkin Muffins, use butternut squash or pumpkin to give the cakes a natural sweetness, alongside a small quantity of maple syrup. 

Scarily simple to make, they little ones will love their spooktacular designs and irresistibly sticky toppings, made using cream cheese or greek yoghurt, combined with blueberries, blackberries and kiwis.

These scary apple teeth are a freaky favourite! Suitable for 12 months plus, they are super easy to make, and a real statement to any Halloween display.

Cut cored apples into quarters then slice again. Spread each ‘lip’ with nut butter and some red fruit puree then bring a top and bottom lip together and carefully stick in some pine nut or sunflower seed ‘teeth’ in between. 

You can find a further selection of spellbinding ideas at www.organix.com/recipes