As Prince George turns one, he is the most photographed and recognisable baby since his birth last year. Recently appearing on the front cover of Vanity Fair, the future king is certainly not camera shy.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

First time parents are also snap happy with the camera, as two thirds of parents have admitted to taking an average of 780 photos of their little bundle of joy and capturing the beloved moments of their child’s first year.

Although the first official shot of Prince George shows him leaving the hospital to greet the world, for babies across the world their first photo moment comes a lot earlier. More than half of British parents state that the magical moment immediately after their baby is born is their favourite milestone captured on camera.

Socially the most popular shot to be shared on the likes of Facebook are photos showing parents cuddling their new born baby for the first time with one in four citing these as the shots they upload most quickly to their social media feeds.

Traditions have been thrown out the window with social media changing the way our lives are documented with many parents taking to Facebook to document their little cherubs first year with one in ten parents doting an album to capture their every move.

Many parents have even admitted to using editing tools or applying photo filters to photos of their children with 42% of parents revealing it’s to ‘make sure they are look their best.’

Parents are also using other methods to make sure they have the ultimate family photo with half of parents stating they have paid for a professional ‘new baby’ shoot and more than one in ten admitting they were inspired by celebrity parents to book a professional ‘new baby’ shoot.

Top Five photographed moments of a baby’s first year:

  • Straight after they are born (56%)
  • The first cuddle with their parents (44%)
  • Their first smile (33%)
  • Their first bath (33%)
  • Meeting the grandparents for the first time (31%)

A Samsung spokesperson commented, “Using photography to capture the milestone moments of a child’s formative years remains an incredibly important part of the way parents document the lives of their children. However, technology has changed how we share and keep these important images with social media now an integral part of the way parents communicate their children’s milestone moments.”

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