Cherry Healey is working with Barnardo’s to support a project called The Nation’s Fridge Door, to celebrate the love and support families give their children.

Cherry Healey is supporting 'The Nation's Fridge Door' campaign

The smallest actions such as displaying your children’s achievements on your fridge door provides encouragement which helps children to thrive, though not all children in the UK receive this much-needed love and support from their family home.

Barnardo’s is asking the nation to turn the support they give their own children into support for the UK’s most vulnerable children by publically celebrating their children’s creative achievements on a virtual fridge door.

Cherry chats to Female First about working with Barnardo’s and why parents should get invovled with the campaign.

- Hi Cherry! You have teamed up with Barnardo's to support their project 'The Nation's Fridge Door'. Could you tell us a little more about this?

We'd like people to post a picture on Barnardo’s virtual fridge door of something that their child has done to make them proud - whether it's a painting, a cake or clay masterpiece! By celebrating and sharing their children's achievements we want parents to show solidarity and support to the unsupported children in the UK. There are so many children in the UK that don't get these day-to-day demonstrations of love - and without these simple moments of support, it is hugely damaging for a child. We're hoping that people will relish sharing their pictures online and, at the same time, become more aware of the incredible work that Barnardo’s do.

- How important is it for parents to show their love and support for their families on a daily basis?

It's vital - love is a verb and it's demonstrated through simple affirmations and encouragement - if this is happening regularly at home then a child knows they are loved. For a child, for everyone, the absence of this is extremely painful.

- As you're a mother yourself- is this the reason for getting involved in the campaign?

Definitely. It's made me look at all the little moments of interaction I have with the kids - asking Coco how her day was, making sure her favourite cheese is in the fridge, being excited when she shows me a painting she's done - it doesn't matter how many times I say I love her, it's the action that really means something. It's so painful to think of how many children are growing up without this.

- How can parents get involved in the project?

Pictures can be shared on Barnardo’s virtual fridge at - it would be amazing if parents can share this with as many friends and family as possible - the more people that take part, the more awareness there will be of the vital work Barnardo's are doing.

- Why should parents get involved in the campaign?

Partly because it's a really fun project to take part in! The pictures will be online for the nation to admire and by getting involved they will show their solidarity for children that don't have that daily nurturing.

- In what ways can families show their support and love for each other?

I think it's the little things - making sure everyone feels seen, loved and appreciated. As a working mum I'm not always around so, when I am, I'm quite conscious of making sure Coco has my full attention (as much as is possible!). I try to do solo trips with her (made easier by being able to be with Bear alone while she's at school) so I'll organise something special where I can chat to her uninterrupted. I think this partly comes from my mum - she always wanted to know what was going on in our lives (not in an invasive way!) - it felt so supportive - I always knew she cared deeply about me.

Cherry Healey is supporting The Nation’s Fridge Door - a Barnardo’s campaign encouraging families and friends to add their children’s achievements to a virtual fridge door that sits on to show support for the children who have no one.


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