Parents don’t have any choice but to shop online right now, however when the shops reopen once again, here’s why it’s better to source the things you need via a click when you have little ones. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Sometimes it’s too much hassle to leave the house: If you have a baby, it can take you just as long to pack everything you need as the trip is going to be. Similarly if you have more than one child, getting them outdoor ready can feel like a mammoth task. Some toddlers think it’s a game and let you chase them around the house to put on their coat... so sometimes it’s just easier and more convenient to stay at home and have things brought to your doorstep by a nice delivery man or woman. 

You can get things the next day: If you are blessed to have an Amazon Prime Membership, you don’t have to wait for the things you need pronto. So, if you find yourself feeding your baby in the middle of the night and realise you need something fast, you can buy it right after you put your little one down, whatever time that is. 

You can browse: This is impossible with a baby/toddler/child in tow because they get bored easily, or cry, or fill their nappy so you have to move on quickly and have no time to properly examine your next buy which has disastrous consequences... 

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Fewer impulse purchases: Your little one won’t give you the time to ponder over whether you need/want something, so you might throw it in your basket just to keep them quiet resulting in lots of things in your home that you regret purchasing. Online shopping means you can think about what you want to spend your money on in the quiet after they go to sleep. 

You have all the supplies you need at home: How many times have you gone out shopping only to find you’ve forgotten nappies/bottles/snacks/wipes etc? Little ones always seem to want the very thing you’ve left the house without- and at that point you have to admit defeat and turn back anyway. At home, you have it all at your disposal so whatever they throw at you- you’re prepared. 

You can shop in your PJs: I think every mum can agree this is probably the best perk of them all. Who wants to get dressed when you’ve been up all night feeding a crying baby? And if your delivery driver knows you well- they won't mind or be surprised at your attire. 

Children love boxes: Let’s be honest, if you give a toddler a large cardboard box, their playtime is taken care of for hours. Cheap and cheerful, there is no greater gift you can give your child off the back of a purchase you’ve made. 

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