Everyone has a set of numbers that are unique to them from birth- the time they were born, the month they were born and of course, the day they were born. So if your baby came into the world on the 1st of the month, here are the traits you can expect- some earlier than others.

Babies born on the 1st are:

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Funny: Your baby will develop a sense of humour as soon as they can crack a smile. They will love nothing more than to do something that makes you laugh and this will be the cornerstone of their personality for the rest of their life. It will help them to get through the tougher times because they will be able to laugh when they want to cry and they will lift others up who are down. With all that said, they may try to make a joke out of things that others don’t find funny, so make sure they know when the laughter stops and that not everyone shares their same sense of humour. 

Creative: Your baby will grow up to be creative in their play, in their interests and hobbies and then again in their job. Babies born on the first of the mouth are very suited to jobs in the arts where they can embrace their creative side freely, which means they will enjoy what they do for a living. Creative individuals can let their imaginations run way with them sometimes so it's vital that as their parent you stop them from making up scenarios which may result in increased anxiety. 

Happy and smiley: This links in with their funny side, children born on the first tend to have a sunny disposition meaning they will always look on the bright side of things. They are a positive influence to have around meaning people will gravitate towards them effortlessly. They are pleasant company indeed, however when they have a dip- their lows match their extreme highs so you will need to be there for them when things go wrong in their life to help them bounce back. If they start to descend into that downward spiral, it will always be a struggle to get them back up again.

Keen to visit new places: Your baby will constantly be looking for something new from you and this will carry on as they grow older too. They won’t be satisfied with the tried and tested and doing the same things over and over again- this will bore them and they will lose interest quickly. To keep them engaged, you will need to take them to new places, let them meet new people and enjoy new experiences. While this is an exciting and interesting way to live, it will require a lot of work from you to constantly come up with things to keep your child content. 

Lazy: Your child will be able to pass the time doing very little if they can get away with it. Procrastination will be their favourite hobby so it will fall to you to keep them motivated and to give them things to do around the house if you feel they aren’t pulling their weight. The key is to keep their mind active, as soon as they stop, they won’t want to get back up again, so keep feeding them activities and chores to make sure they don’t fall into bad habits. 

Temperamental: You may not know from one moment to the next what kind of mood your child will be in so tread lightly and never assume anything. This will no doubt make social interactions difficult and family time frustrating but to challenge them will only make things worse. Better to judge each day accordingly and wait until the storm passes if they are having a bad time. 

Energetic: Babies born on the first of the month are little bundles of energy and you will likely feel tired from the first few days of them being in your world. While they are exhausting, they will bring you just as much joy as they will fatigue. They want to get the most out of life and that will rub off on you too to get you through each day. The trouble with energetic babies is they crash hard when their bodies can’t take anymore so take a sudden change in mood as a sign that they need to rest and find them somewhere to sleep… and fast!

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Your toddler will have a fierce drive to do things themselves and a curiosity that means they will ask you to show them how to do things rather than defaulting and letting you take over. While this will help them to learn faster than other children who don’t have the same desire, it can lead to danger too. They may think they are capable of more than they actually are so encourage their inquisiveness but make sure they know what their capabilities are too... to read more click HERE 

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