The second trimester sees a lot of pregnant ladies with a renewed sense of wellbeing as their body has become more familiar with the changes taking place. You may feel less tired and nauseous and like you can do more now, so with this new boost of energy, it’s time to go shopping- here are just a few things that I found beneficial during this time…

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Pregnancy pillow: These are specifically designed to support your bump while you sleep on your left side (the best position for you and your baby) in bed, while also supporting your knees and back. Shop around as some are only designed for mums, however others can also be used as feeding pillows for your baby once they arrive so do your homework and you will only have to purchase one product not two. The Dream Genii was my brand of choice, however there are many different options on the market right now. 

Stretch mark cream or oil: At this point your belly will be much more noticeable than in the first trimester and the skin will be stretching to accommodate your growing baby so you may notice a few light marks. Shop around and read the reviews to find one that is suitable for you but one tip I have is to get your partner to apply it to your belly as this is a wonderful bonding exercise for you both as well as between them and your baby. They may not be able to feel it yet, however if they get into the routine now, it will be much more rewarding when they can feel kicks and see your baby moving inside your belly.  

Maternity clothes: Your usual looser and more forgiving clothing may no longer be doing the trick so it's time to expand your wardrobe to accommodate your larger belly. Facebook marketplace, eBay and buy it, sell it, swap it sites are a great option if you are working to a tight budget. I managed to grab myself a bargain on eBay and spent just £20 on a Next maternity coat that was originally £60, so it’s worth checking these sites out first. Many sellers will bundle clothes of the same size together and if you know the brand you favour- even better as this will narrow down the search for you. Check out the sales too if you prefer new as many sites have maternity sections now and discount pieces as the seasons change. 

Maternity nightwear: You may find that your pjs are too tight now or that your nightie doesn’t have enough room for your bigger belly- if so, you can always just buy the next size or two up to give you the extra material you need. Sometimes this works out cheaper than buying pieces that are exclusively sold for pregnant women. Again, look out for any bargains that might arise on second hand sites by saving your search criteria for the items or brands you are looking for. 

Photo album: Chances are you have a few print outs from your first scan and these images are precious but also very fragile. My advice to you would be to find a small album to keep all of these memories in. They tend to fit in a 6x4 album with a little trimming around the edges. 

Family and friends will want to look at them and once handled a few times, they can get tainted with fingerprints and start to show creases. Take the time to do this sooner rather than later and each picture will be perfectly preserved in it’s plastic film for years to come. 

Healthy snacks: If your nausea has subsided, you may be feeling more peckish then you did in the first trimester. If so, make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks on hand- if not- you will reach for sugary, salty foods that won’t serve you or your baby well. A well stocked fruit bowl, chopped up veggies in the fridge and healthy convenience snacks like oat cakes and bars and rice cakes are excellent grab and go snacks what won’t give you huge highs and lows. 

Foot massages: Cramping in the lower legs and feet is common at this stage in your pregnancy so ask your partner nicely to give you a daily foot and leg rub with some unperfumed oil or cream. This is a great thing to do just before bedtime as it will help you to relax and get an even better night’s sleep. 

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