The first twelve weeks of pregnancy are mostly about managing sickness and extreme fatigue as best you can while awaiting your first scan, however there are some other things I found to be hugely beneficial that you might not have taken advantage of yet, so here they are…

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

An earlier night: If you are used to getting a minimal amount of sleep and running on empty, you can’t do that anymore when you’re pregnant. The old adage ‘you need to rest’ is very true, so make sure you are getting a good, long night’s sleep because you will struggle to get through the day without napping if you don’t. If you usually go to bed at 11pm, snuggle up an hour earlier to get some extra shut eye. The first few weeks are exhausting as your body adjusts to the new addition so give yourself the best start and sleep while you still can! 

Appropriate clothing: A soft bra will ease sore breasts, high waisted leggings will put less pressure on your tummy if you are used to wearing low waisted and tight bottoms, larger knickers will stop anything cutting in where it shouldn’t and a good pair of shoes will keep you grounded as your sense of balance readjusts. While your bump might not be too big in this first part of your pregnancy, you still should feel as comfortable as you possibly can so buy and wear forgiving and breathable clothing.  

Lists: Finding out you are pregnant can be daunting especially if it’s your first so lists can help you to figure out what you need to buy in the coming months for yourself and the baby and help you pace your spending. Smaller items like nappy rash cream or cotton pads can be tacked onto your normal weekly shop, but more expensive pieces need to be planned for in advance, which is why the following is so important... 

A budget: Work out between you and your partner what you can afford to part with every month to prepare for your baby’s arrival. Better to get something every month rather than wait until a couple of months before as this will help to ease the financial burden. Remember, people will want to buy your baby a gift so hold a few items back that are budget friendly so they can purchase something useful for you and your new bundle.  

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Access to second hand sites: If you are ok with not buying new- Facebook Marketplace, eBay and your local buy it, sell it, swap it sites will be your best friend. Think about the big ticket items first as you might be able to pick up a pram or a cot for very little if you strike at the right time. Better to have one set aside in the first twelve weeks than scrambling about in the last month looking for these key items. 

One place for all the info: You are bombarded with pamphlets, emails, advice and apps once you announce you are pregnant, even if it’s just to the midwife, however if you are like me and prefer to have a book that contains everything you need to know, I can’t recommend The Pregnancy Encyclopedia highly enough. It takes you through each stage, week by week and answers any questions you might have about symptoms, the birth and what to expect at every stage of the journey. 

Water: I heard something on a YouTube video the other day that has stuck with me- it was ‘a drink for you and a drink for your baby’- in other words... stay hydrated. Get yourself a new water bottle if needs be that you like the look of and enjoy drinking from and make sure that you take a gulp from it regularly. Headaches are quite common during this time so drinking water little and often may help to relieve these as well as sickness and fatigue. And if you enjoy squash in your water, be mindful that not all sweeteners are safe during pregnancy so check the bottle before pouring. Water is always best!

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