Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer and her husband Lee Kirk welcomed their second child, daughter Harper Marie, into the world on May 25, but have only just announced the news.

The 40-year-old actress and her husband Lee Kirk - who already have two-year-old son Weston together - welcomed their second child, Harper Marie, on May 25.

The couple, who have only just announced the news, told E! News: "We are pleased to announce the birth of our daughter Harper Marie Kirk. Born May 25, 2014. The family is doing great. We are happy, healthy and sleepy."

The brunette beauty, who confirmed her pregnancy earlier this year, admitted in April that she still had a lot to organise before her new baby arrives into the world.

She said previously: "There's nothing done. My mum and I got all the nursery supplies in order, so we have the appropriate number of onesies and diapers and a Diaper Genie -- but there's no décor. I just ordered a chair for my nursery and I'm very concerned that the baby is going to get here before the chair arrives."

However, Jenna and Lee - who got married in 2010 - had been busy trying to prepare Weston for the new arrival.

Jenna said at the time: "He likes to talk a lot about what big boys can do and babies can't. Like, big boys can eat cupcakes and walk and talk, but little babies just sleep and eat and poop. We've been reinforcing the differences between a baby and a big boy so he can be excited about eating the cupcakes -- which he is."

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