As a mum of two year old I know that toddlers can be little germ harbourers if you’re not careful. They are too young to firmly grasp the concept of good health so their threshold for cleanliness is a little different from that of their parents. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Health is defined as being ‘free from injury or illness’ so here are a few things that you can do to keep your little one as healthy as possible. This is always important however we need to be extra vigilant as parents now more than ever before. 

Vitamins: Just as you might take a multivitamin, there are toddler versions on the market too but remember to always ask a professional before giving anything new to your child. 

If you do decide it’s right for your little one- you can administer the liquid dose via a plastic syringe each day or night to give their immune system a little helping hand- especially over the winter months when there are a lot of extra bugs around.

Fresh air: Toddlers need time outside, even if it’s cold- wrap them up in plenty of layers and get some fresh air into their lungs. The outdoors is a proven mood booster- and this applies to children as well as adults. When looking after your toddler’s health- this includes their mental health too so try to give them a taste of nature at least once a day. 

Wash their hands regularly: Get into the habit of encouraging your toddler to wash their hands often- after play, before dinner, when they return from nursery or other childcare and when they come inside after playing in the outdoors. Toddlers are not as germ conscious as adults so by getting them to wash their hands regularly, this will become second nature. Most importantly- it washes away any germs they may have picked up from being so curious about the world around them. 

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Keep your house clean: While toddlers need exposure to some germs, make sure your home is kept at an acceptable level of cleanliness. If they grow up seeing you keeping the home in a good, clean condition, they will most likely follow suit, but it also means the germs they do come into contact with will be less harmful. This of course extends to their room too, where they might spend the majority of their time. Keep the air clean by dusting and hoovering regularly to protect their respiratory system and help them to sleep better. 

Clean their toys regularly: Toys are germ breeders because little ones touch them after eating, put them in their mouths and often play with them on the floor. All of this can build up on the surface of each toy- so make sure you clean the toys they play with often to keep the bacteria on them at a healthy level. 

Maintain a tidy space: One of the easiest ways to keep your toddler free of injury is to reduce the amount of things they can trip over. Try to keep things to a minimum in the areas they frequent because toddlers are accident prone. If there is something to fall over or into, they will find it. A clear space lessens the likelihood they will get cuts, scrapes, bumps and bruises from things that get in their way. 

Keep them away from smokers: If someone in your family or household smokes, ask them to do so outside and away from your toddler. Passive smoke is highly dangerous for your child, so it’s important to keep them away from anyone who smokes a pipe or cigarette. Protect their little lungs for as long as you can by steering clear of those who choose not to take care of their own. 

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