These words may seem like an odd pairing, but often pregnancy can result in bringing a lot of new and unnecessary things into the home, especially if it’s your first. Newly pregnant women are marketed things that they think they need and probably don’t. Here are some ways to keep your pregnancy simple and minimal if you do so wish. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Invest in versatile maternity clothes: Even clothing that is marketed as ‘maternity’ can be suitable after birth so try to buy clothes that aren’t obviously designed for mamas such as t-shirts that have slogans emblazoned across the front. Making more neutral choices will enable you to use these clothes both during and post-pregnancy and no-one will know the difference. Maxi dresses, tunics and fit and flare dresses all fall into this category so you’re not spending a lot on clothing that will be redundant in a few month’s time. 

If you already buy clothes with a lot of stretch to them or that are generous in size around the belly area, you might have to buy very little for yourself while you are growing so always pay attention to what is already in your wardrobe first. Remember to buy clothes in colours you like too- then you will be encouraged to wear them more often. 

Borrow things rather than buy them: If you know someone who has just had a baby, they might be able to loan you clothing, a pregnancy pillow or baby books to name a few and once you have finished with them, you can give them back and not be saddled with things you don’t need (especially if you only plan on having the one child). This will save you having to sell things afterwards or find people to pass them on to, as they have a home to go back to. 

Avoid buying things in bulk if you’re not sure you will use them: Once you find out you’re pregnant, it’s the perfect time to start spreading out the cost of items you will need when your baby arrives, however only buy things in bulk you know for certain you will use. For instance, don’t buy a great pile of nursing bras, nursing pjs and tops if you are still undecided on breastfeeding. Be sensible with your early purchases until you are certain of what you will require. 

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Avoid shopping sites unless you need something specific: Scrolling through the maternity sections of clothing sites will only make you want more items than you actually need- and perhaps pieces that aren’t appropriate for the season. It’s important to think about when you will be at your biggest and the type of clothing you will require then. Make a list of the things you need and then seek them out rather than looking for inspiration as this will only tempt you with things you won’t use, even if they do look cute on the model on the webpage. 

Buy a comprehensive pregnancy book: Rather than looking for books on specific elements of pregnancy- seek out one that has it all in one place. I would highly recommend The Pregnancy Encyclopedia as this has everything you could want to know about each stage of growing your baby and answers to any questions you might have about symptoms, feelings and worries you might have between midwife visits.  

Avoid pregnancy hampers or gift boxes: If someone wants to buy you one of these- ask them for something more specific that you know you will use instead. As beautiful as they might look when they arrive- collections such as these often contain a lot of products that you are unlikely to use if you already have your minimal skin routine in place or you always go back to the same snacks and rarely deviate from the ones you know and love. They are well intentioned and seem like a good idea, but they also invite a lot of things into your home that will probably end up in the next charity donation bag. 

Avoid buying recommendations from friends and family: You will probably find that a lot of women you know will give you their list of ‘must haves’ when you get pregnant- but what worked them might not work for you. For instance- someone might tell you to buy a full body pregnancy pillow when you would be better suited to a smaller wedge pillow instead. Wait until the need arises and then consider purchasing. These women mean well and want you to be comfortable, but one size doesn’t fit all so listen to your body and what it needs at the time.

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