Being a new mum is exhausting, there is no other word for it and that fatigue can feel overwhelming at times. So if you are struggling to keep alert, here are some things I found helpful when all I wanted to do was curl up and go to sleep… but couldn’t. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Fresh air: I know that the last thing you want to do is pack a bag, get dressed and leave the comfort of your own home, but fresh air does help to perk you up, so if you feel yourself flagging- go outside. Time it for after your baby’s feed so you won’t have to break out some milk while you’re there and even if it’s only for ten minutes- it will be worth it. Take lots of deep breaths and pay attention to your surroundings. Being aware of other things that are going on outside of your bubble can really help to put things into perspective. 

Drink a glass or two of cold water: I know the temptation is to reach for coffee or a sugary drink but you will peak and then trough and feel worse than you did in the beginning. Water is incredible for a weary body and mind. It may not have the instant effect a caffeinated or sugary drink would, but give it time and it will help you come around. Trust in the clear stuff and if it’s cold, it will give your body a little shock and wake it up so add some ice if you have some in the freezer! 

Take a shower: I know taking a shower sounds like a mammoth task when you’ve been up all night, but it will give you a boost. Pop your baby in a bouncy chair so you can watch them while you bathe or hand them over to a friend or family member and have a long shower to cleanse away all the bodily fluids that have soaked through your clothes onto your skin. It is a simple yet effective way to reset for the day. 

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Company: If you can- make sure you have some company each day. Even if it’s just for ten minutes when you pop to see your parents/sibling/friend. (If this person isn’t in your bubble, give them a call on Facetime- it’s the next best thing to sitting in the same room with a cuppa). Talking about something other than motherhood can help you escape the monotony of looking after a baby full time. Or even if you need to vent to someone who has been through it- it will lift your spirits and give you the momentum you need for the rest of the day when it’s just you and your baba again. 

Interaction: If you can’t see someone you know every day before your partner comes home from work- go to the corner shop for some milk, or to the post office to post a letter and have a little chat with the person behind the counter or people you pass on the way. Often people will stop and chat (especially other new mums) if you bump into them on your travels and this exchange can mean everything. You may not know one another, but you have an instant bond that is quite special and not to be underestimated. 

Have lots of healthy snacks on hand: Sugary, salty snacks are easy to consume and hit the spot- but they will have the same effect as the coffee and make you dip further down than where you began once the high wears off. Make it easy and have fruit you can grab or cut up veggie sticks and leave them in the fridge. It doesn’t have to take long to prepare, but when the munchies strike, go for the healthy choice and you will have more staying power afterwards. 

Get dressed: Again, it’s probably the last thing on your mind to get out of your comfy pjs and put on some day wear, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Choose a baggy top and some leggings for the same level of comfort as your nightwear- no one is asking you to make a huge effort. The reason for this is to change your mindset. If you are in your pjs, you automatically associate this with bedtime and you will probably feel more sleepy simply by being in them. If you are dressed, even if it is in casuals- this sets you up for the day and you are more likely to go outside if the hurdle of getting ready is already behind you. 

To all the new mums out there- I feel your pain and I wish you good health, rest and happiness. 

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