Choosing a sleep suit for your baby is an important decision. A sleep suit is what your baby is probably going to be wearing for most of the time when they first arrive. With so many styles and brands on the market, your first sleep suit needs to be the right one.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Here BONDS, Marketing Manager, Ruth Stevens gives some hints and tips of the things you should be considering before purchasing your baby’s first sleep suit.

Look for fabrics that are stretchy and soft. Always have a feel inside the garment to ensure its going to be comfortable for your baby to be able to wiggle around it in. Your baby is going to be spending a lot of time in it. So comfort is utmost.

Consider how easy the garment is to get on and off your baby - especially if it is a wriggler. Does it have poppers or zips? Are the zips two way to make it super-fast and easy for you to perform a quick change? It may look great on, but always think about the practicality of getting your baby in and out of it.

Do you need to buy separate scratch mitts or do they come build into the suit already? Some are built in, some aren’t. This goes the same for socks and feet.  The Bonds Wondersuit has both fold-over mitts for when your baby is new and optional socks built in already which makes it easier if your baby is attempting its first steps.

Make sure that whatever sleep suit you buy that there is room for growth, and the nappy! The first few months of growth for any baby is usually quick, so consider this especially if buying multiple suits.

To ensure that your baby is safe. Check the garment and make sure there are no loose thread, cords or accessories that could potentially harm your baby.

Always buy from a reputable baby brand, like BONDS

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