I’ve met my fair share of people over the years who think gift cards are a copout when it comes to gift giving. I personally found them a blessing when my daughter was born so here's why they are a thoughtful gift even if they don’t appear to be. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Gift cards avoid the inevitable doubling up of gifts: Like greetings cards, people are bound to buy the new baby the same thing at some point. The well stocked baby section in every supermarket means you can now pick up something for the new bundle with your weekly shop so the likelihood that a few people will do this is pretty high. New parents will be showered with identical ASDA baby grows and the two rattles a la Tesco. You don’t have to worry about showing up to give your gift only to see it sitting in the corner or that the baby is already wearing it. Awkward. 

Store cards give the parents the gift of choice: If you buy a gift, you are eliminating their ability to choose something for their baby that is useful or needed. What you deem necessary at this time might differ considerably from what the new parents think is required so best not to make assumptions and let them take back the control. 

Gift cards can be spent at any hour and offer convenient shopping: Online shopping is one of the greatest gifts new parents could ask for because they can do it in the wee hours at feeding time and have things delivered to the house so they don’t have to get dressed. If you give them a gift that is not quite right with a receipt, they will have to take it back to the store, leaving them with an errand and who needs that with a newborn?!

Gifts cards help with the cost of a newborn: Babies are expensive and anything you can afford to give in the form of money will be very welcome indeed. Even if it’s a gift card for a supermarket, this can buy nappies, formula and wipes and offset the cost for the parents for a week or two. 

Gift cards are ideal if you are unsure about personal taste: I have a friend who only wanted grey for her baby not blue/pink. I also have a friend who prefers wooden toys over plastic ones for her little ones. While you may be aware of someone’s likes and dislikes when it comes to what they want for their baby- there’s a good chance you could still double up or buy something they don’t want or need. In this instance- a gift card means they can get something to their taste and you won’t waste your money simply guessing what might be suitable. 

Gift cards take up no space: Babies come with a LOT of stuff and to add to that by bringing physical gifts might be overwhelming for new parents, even more so if they typically live a minimalist lifestyle. A gift card is a space saving gift and stops the influx of stuff into the home of your friend, work colleague or family member if they are already bogged down with more toys, clothes and cloth books than they can shake a rattle at.

Gift cards are universal: You can be safe in the knowledge that whatever gift card you choose, it’s going to get spent. Amazon, a local supermarket, a specialised baby store or a pharmacy- there is always something to buy for a new baby, so you can’t go wrong with a wallet sized present to celebrate a new life. 

There is little expectation with a gift card: As new parents you can say your thanks and there is no pressure to send pictures of what you have bought with it. With other gifts, there is an unwritten rule that you must send pictures of the baby in said gift or using it and this is a lot to remember in the haze of sleep deprivation and extreme fatigue. Gift cards carry no obligation which is why they are the ultimate gift for new parents!  

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