As we are now firmly in the month of November, it’s important to note all the things that are associated with being born in the eleventh month of the year. So, if you are celebrating a birthday this month, know someone who is or your baby is due in November- here are some things you should know. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

November babies share this month with many famous faces: David Schwimmer, Emma Stone, Lorde and Leonardo DiCaprio are among the celebrities who also blow out candles in November- all of whom are hugely successful- meaning November babies have huge potential! 

Birthstones: November babies have the choice of two stones- either citrine or topaz. Citrine has a yellowy-orange colour and these earthy tones are perfect for babies who are born during the autumn- as they are in-keeping with the brassy hues of the season. Blue topaz on the other hand can be gifted to babies who are destined to love the water- sons and daughters of sailors, divers, fishers, rowers, swimmers, surfers and scuba divers. 

November babies live longer: A study by the University of Chicago found that those born in the autumn months (from September to November) are more likely to live till 100 than those who are born during the summer, spring and winter months. Here’s to a long and happy life November babes!  

November babies are a result of the Valentine’s Day Baby Boom: If you are a November baby- chances are your parents were having a night in during the month of February- more specifically on Valentine’s Day! If you are pregnant- and if you haven’t already- consider what you were doing around this date. Though you may never want your child to realise this connection when they get older- you will always know that something amazing happened as a result of how you spent it. 

November celebrations: Your baby will always be able to celebrate their birthday with fireworks- whether that be a few days before or after their big day- or on the button if they are born on Bonfire Night. When they are old enough they will get to enjoy the delights of toffee apples, bonfires, toasting marshmallows, jacket potatoes and chilli, sparklers and making Parkin cake. What a month to be born!

Star Sign: Most babies born in November (between 23rd October- 22nd November) are Scorpios- a water sign (remember the blue topaz?!). Those born towards the end of the month are Saggittarians (23rd- November-21st December). As your baby gets older and develops a personality of their own- expect a little scorpion to become passionate, persistent and loyal little beings. On the other hand if they are a sagittarius- they will be honest, adventurous and optimistic.   

Birth Flower: The November birth flower is the chrysanthemum. These flowers are thought to bring joy and good luck into the home and represent friendship and honesty. They even have their own day dedicated to them called the Festival of Happiness- these are an all round cheery flower! Chrysanthemums are hugely popular because they come in a variety of colours and therefore make excellent birthday gifts. 

National Month Observances: November is a busy month for celebrations- take for instance NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month)- maybe the month dedicated to writing books will encourage your baby to become a famous author when they grow up… who knows! 

Happy birthday to all the November babies out there!

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