If you don’t want to leave your baby out on Christmas Eve, here are a few little bits you could put in their box, if you do so wish…

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Christmas PJs: Rather than putting your baby down in their normal PJs, you could get them some special Christmassy ones to sleep in and hope that they don’t soil them during the night! An extra pair might come in handy!

A Christmas teddy bear: Although it is recommended that babies don’t sleep with teddies when they are very small, you could let them snuggle it while they are awake and under your supervision. It may even help to calm them down before bedtime.

A Christmas bib: They are bound to need a night-time feed- even if it is Christmas Eve so a Christmas bib might make you smile when you’re giving them a bottle in the early hours of the morning.

A Christmas rattle: While you are enjoying games and movies for your own Christmas Eve box- a rattle is something they will appreciate more and enjoy making noise with.

A Christmas baby blanket: If you want to wrap your baby in something more seasonal while you feed them, this is a lovely gift option to keep them warm while they take their bottle.

A Christmas book: They may not understand what you are reading to them at bedtime, but they will appreciate the rise and fall of your voice and your funny facial expressions all the same.

Christmas socks: If you want to keep their toes extra warm, a little pair of socks will do the trick and better still if they have something festive emblazoned across them!

Bonus: A teether: Whether it's Christmas or not, a baby who's teething will still feel unhappy if their teeth are coming through, so why not take their pain away with a Christmas themed teether? 

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Lucy Shrimpton, The Sleep Nanny(R) (www.sleepnanny.co.uk) says: “Some nice lavender baby bath will make for an extra special soothing bedtime routine on Christmas eve and Christmas finger puppets would be a lovely idea so you can give baby a little Christmas 'show' before bedtime”

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