The day you were born on can determine what kind of person you will grow up to be, so if your baby was born on the second of the month, here are some traits that you might come to recognise in your little one as they begin to develop their personality.  

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Babies born on the 2nd are…

Gentle: Your child will grow up to take the softly, softly approach with whatever conflict comes their way because confrontation and aggressiveness doesn’t appeal to them. While this is a more productive way to handle antagonistic people, as their parent you need to make sure that they don’t get walked all over. Assertiveness may be required at certain points in their life, to demonstrate to others that they have a tipping point. 

Romantic: Once your child reaches an age where they want to have a romantic partner, they need to know to choose this person wisely as not all people respond to the excitement and mystery associated with love in the same way. It can be off putting for some, so they may need your guidance on what is appropriate and what may be considered too much in their pursuit of the one.  

Emotional: Linking in with the last point, they will wear their heart on their sleeve so expect them to be open and honest with you about how they are feeling. This might feel like a rollercoaster at times, but as long as they know they have you by their side for whatever issues they are facing, you can trust that they will be fine. 

Sensitive: Babies born on the 2nd of the month are in tune with what others are feeling, which can make them a magnet for people and their problems. While this is fine in small doses, some might feel the temptation to try and burden your child with their woes. Try to teach them from a young age that everyone needs to take responsibility for their own life and that they do not need to take on the weight of someone else’s troubles. 

Inventive: Your child will be able to think outside the box and come up with things you may never even have thought of before. They always look at things in a different way, which will continue to surprise you throughout their life. It’s refreshing, but also people might not always understand, especially if they are unable to think the same way. Help your child to understand that we are all wired differently and what makes sense to them might not for those around them. 

Dreamy: Your child might have some lofty ideas so it’s up to you to keep them grounded when they want to do things that are out of the realms of possibility. Try to harness this imaginative side of their personality by encouraging them to write or draw so they can express themselves through the medium of creative activities. If they are able to por this out onto the page, when they are back in reality, they may have increased focus.

Intuitive: Your baby will grow to have strong gut feelings and a good instinct for what is right and wrong. This will serve them well in the future, but it can also lead to hesitation and holding back from things that might benefit them. It could develop into a fear of new experiences so as their parent, it’s vital that you teach them when to listen to their inner feelings and when to take little risks here and there. 

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Your baby will develop a sense of humour as soon as they can crack a smile. They will love nothing more than to do something that makes you laugh and this will be the cornerstone of their personality for the rest of their life. It will help them to get through the tougher times because they will be able to laugh when they want to cry and they will lift others up who are down. With all that said, they may try to make a joke out of things that others don’t find funny, so make sure they know when the laughter stops and that not everyone shares their same sense of humour… to read more click HERE

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