There are some non-branded items and cheaper items that work just as well as branded ones for parents and babies alike. However, there are some brands that I won’t compromise over because their products work and make my life easier as a mum. Here are just seven of the brands I have found to be invaluable for my little girl that are well worth paying a bit more for. 

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Bonds baby wondersuits: They are pricey compared to supermarket own brands and multipacks but it’s because they have been carefully crafted to solve every problem that arises when dressing a baby or toddler. You can check out my full review HERE of the wondersuit I was sent for free, however I went on to buy my daughter and nephew more products from the range because I was so impressed by the brand. In short they are perfectly designed for changing your baby with ease, ensuring your baby is warm and comfortable when they go to bed and they prevent any rubbing on your baby’s delicate skin- three of the big boxes ticked. Plus they are bright and cheerful to look at! 

Child’s Farm products: I have bought these since my daughter was a baby because they are delicate on sensitive skin, vegan friendly, cruelty free and they smell amazing. Unlike other so called baby products that have caused dryness, flaking or greasiness, Child’s Farm has kept her skin soft, smooth and sniffable! Plus, they offer combined hair and body washes as part of their range, so you get two things for the price of one. 

Organix snacks: As soon as we started weaning our daughter, these quickly became our go-to snacks for when we were out and about. They have so few ingredients compared to other snacks catered for children her age, and it’s very important to me that she eats as cleanly as possible. Plus, they taste great- even to adults (I might have pinched a couple of her oaty bars from time to time!)

Tommee Tippee: We had the flask, the bottles, the steriliser and the perfect prep machine in our home at one stage of the game because the brand delivered everything we needed. Looking back, the prep machine was our saviour as I didn’t breastfeed and this was great at getting a bottle to our daughter as quickly as possible with minimal fuss. The best invention for new mums who can’t or don’t want to breastfeed their baby or for those who need to supplement breastfeeding with formula.  

JuJuni: I especially like this brand because they are UK based so it always feels good to send money their way. That aside, their dungarees are a toddler wardrobe staple. They are hardy for all the adventures your little one is bound to make as they explore the world, plus they are ideal for both boys and girls. They can be passed onto future siblings or other people you know with toddlers because these will not wear out after being used by just one child. You can read my full review of the dungarees HERE, which I was sent for free in exchange for an honest review, however I have gone on to buy four more pairs because I was so taken with the brand. 

Clarks shoes: After having problems with my feet when I was younger, I wanted to give my daughter’s feet the best start in life with a pair of well fitted shoes and we’ve gone back to Clarks every time her size has changed since. There’s a reason why your parents and grandparents used to get their shoes (and maybe still do) from Clarks and that’s because they are good quality, hard wearing and long lasting. Just one pair of shoes in a neutral colour will match any outfit you put your little one in so rather than spend small amounts of money on lots of little shoes, just buy one really good pair instead and you can rest assured that they are perfectly tailored for the length and width of their feet. 

Susannah Davda, The Shoe Consultant says:

Buying properly fitted shoes for children from first walkers onwards is essential for healthy bone growth. Clarks offer width fittings in most of their children's footwear, which is essential to ensure a good fit. Shoes that are too narrow can squeeze the feet, causing discomfort, and even affecting balance as the feet can't spread properly. Shoes that are too wide don't support growing feet properly, and the child may grip with their toes to keep their feet from slipping about. Always have your children's feet measured by a professional before purchasing new shoes for them. Even wellies!

Silver Cross: Our Silvercross Pioneer pram was an investment piece, there is no doubt about it but it was some of the best money we spent in preparation for our daughter coming along. Their pram packages include pieces that are designed for multiple use, from baby through to toddler stage. The pioneer in particular is a strong and sturdy design- ideal for more rough terrain (we visit the Lake District a lot!) and I was sad when our daughter finally grew out of hers because it had a large basket underneath to carry all of the things she needed plus any shopping if we were out and about. Buggies are not so generous! 

So there we have it- my favourite brands to date- and many of which you can buy second hand on places like eBay and Facebook Marketplace if you are working to a budget.

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