Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys

Keys: 'Baby Is A Gift From God'

Alicia Keys "can't wait" to become a mother - branding her pregnancy "a gift from God".

The 29 year old is expecting her first child with producer fiance Swizz Beatz later this year (10) and the singer admits she's looking to her own mum for guidance on how to raise her baby.

She tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "I can't wait to become a mum. No question. It's the most beautiful gift in the world. Truly a gift from God.

"I have an amazing mother - she is a best friend to me. And I would like to be the same to my child."

And the dad-to-be is equally as excited. Swizz Beatz adds, "Everyone says we'll make a great family."

Peet Wants Third Child Before It's Too Late

Actress Amanda Peet is desperate to expand her family with her screenwriter husband David Benioff, just eight weeks after giving birth to the couple's second child.

The Whole Nine Yards star, 38, welcomed baby Molly in April (10) and the actress admits she's ready to get pregnant again.

She tells, "I'm really old. He (Benioff) was like, 'We have to wait three years'. And I was like, 'We don't have three years! We'll be too old at that point.'"

The couple's first child, Frances, was born in 2007.