Donald Trump has been having a war with the Chinese social media giant TikTok for a couple months now, in fact Trump is trying and forcing to get the app banned in the United States due to its ties with China.

This would be huge news as TikTok reports 800 million users and has been downloaded over 2 billion times which is Ludacris numbers – one of the fastest growing social medias ever. But Trump is adamant he wants rid of the app; but is this hate warranted?

Trump isn't Tik Tok's biggest fan

Trump isn't Tik Tok's biggest fan



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After months of Trump and his team expressing their concerns towards TikTok risks to the national security of American and with Trump being such a strong and bolshie leadership style, this isn’t something he’d want to let threaten his own country under his leadership.


Trump and his team have now taken action towards the app in the hope to ban the app in the country however many are still wondering if Trump has the power to do this, especially with it being such a powerhouse in the social media bubble. Trump has basically given TikTok the chance to sell up and find a buyer, unless ultimately he says he’ll ban TikTok.


However, is all this hate towards a fun, time passing app aimed at young people, who could potentially swing the up and coming Presidential election. Many say that the hate towards the app is very unwarranted due to no evidence, in the public eyes anyway, of any wrongdoing or threats to national security by the app. Many are looking on this as Trump targeting the Chinese due to a rocky relationship because of comments about the Coronavirus and also the ban of tech giant Huawai, who also posed a national security threat according to Trump and co.