Internet scams have turned out to be very common. For this reason, the internet can be a dangerous place sometimes. With the proliferation of devices, starting from tablets to smartphones to appliances connected to the internet, staying safe has become even more difficult.



Here are some steps which will help you to stay safe online.

Enable the Process of Two-Step Authentication

This is also known as two-factor or multi-authentication login approval. It offers you an extra security layer as it extends beyond the username and the password for providing protection against account hijacking. If you use this security measure, you will have to log in with the help of the password and then you will be asked to verify the identity. Thereafter, the second verification will be done through the biometric, unique one time code, or security keys through a mobile device’s app.

There are several companies which provide you with two-step verifications and it’s easy to create the second layer. It is to be found in the account’s setting section. With this, you might feel more secure, particularly if a the site you are on will become in contact with your financial information.Check the SSL Certificate of the Site

Before you make any kind of purchase, make sure you check if the website is secure and will offer you protection against hackers who might be trying to steal all your information. In order to ensure this, check the SSL of the site. This will tell you if the website is secure.

Albeit this process actually sounds complicated, it is one of the simplest things that you can do to ensure your online security. Also, it is important to check the URL of the website. In case you notice an S towards the end, it will mean that the connection is secure and encrypted, i.e. if the site starts with http:// and not https://, then it is not secure, whereas if it starts with https://, then it is.

Opt for e-wallets

You’ve already heard about the importance of making sure you are safe when making online transactions, whether it’s paying bills, shopping or playing online, it’s important that you do not compromise your financial security. For this reason, many people choose to use e-wallets over credit or debit cards because they provide that extra layer of safety.

Nowadays, e-wallets have become very popular and can be used in various ways across different sites. In fact, e-wallets are also a popular payment method for casino players as well. Because e-wallets act as a medium between your credit card and the online merchant, your personal details are never shared with the online merchant and in fact, there is no way for the merchant to get access to that information. This definitely makes things safer than if you were to use your credit card details to make a transaction.

Do not Save Your Financial Information on eCommerce Sites

Unfortunately, even sites that have SSL certificated are possible to hack. Even though there might not be a way to safeguard your information completely, it is better to remove financial information from the shopping site to secure it. If you are able to access the information, so will the hackers.

Be Careful as to Who you Trust

In the last few years, catfishing has made the headlines and it appears it is not going to be dormant anytime soon - in fact it seems to be getting even worse. Catfishing is when a person creates a fake profile on dating sites or social media mostly and then targets people with the aim to ask for money. Catfishers are usually in for a long game and they will continue the relationship for several months prior to asking for money to make the person believe that they are truly genuine.

This is one sly, evil gameplan, but many have no problem to keep it up for years. According to an article by WTTW News, the reported financial loss in the U.S. and Canada over the past few years in relation to these scams is close to $1 billion. Needless to say, this is a serious problem and there are many victims that go through an awful experience. So, whatever you do, never, ever send money to someone you don’t know, and think twice before you trust what you see online.

Keep Strong and Unique Passwords

First off, you should not use the same passwords for all of your accounts. This is not considered to be safe. At times, people might not even realize that they have been hacked. It is better to keep a sentence password and should be at least 12 characters long.

Start with these tips and develop the habit of following the best security practices.

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